NEW TRENDS: SEC game day fashion and how to do it right

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Game-day in Bryant Denny Stadium! (Grace Ann Fikes / Instagram)

It’s a known fact that the two most important things when it comes to an SEC game-day are football and fashion. This year, more than ever, showing off your outfit of the day (better known as an “OOTD”) has been trending on TikTok and Instagram. Keep reading to find out what is trending this game-day season from the experts, along with some of our favorite places to shop in Tuscaloosa.

Words from a fashion Influencer

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Boots galore at The Pants Store in Tuscaloosa (Madison Paladino / The Bama Buzz)

Are you looking to step up your game-day attire?  Look no further, we found out what is trending… from local Tuscaloosa fashion influencer Natalie Davis. We asked all of the hard questions about where to shop, what’s trending and some of her favorite pieces this season. Here’s what she had to say:

“I’m definitely seeing more diversity in the outfits that people are wearing. While this is true, I’m still seeing many girls wear cowgirl boots and bandanas or neck scarves this year. I think the cowgirl boot is starting to be offered in more colors and finishes and with added details like sequins that make it a fun addition to game-day outfits. Silk neck scarves and bandanas are a fun way to make a neutral outfit have a pop of crimson.”

– Natalie Davis, Social Media Influencer

If you’re in Tuscaloosa, don’t forget to check out Natalie’s favorite boutique, The Golden Hanger. Be sure to follow her on TikTok for more fashion tips.

Featured Boutique: Palmer Clothing

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Tuscaloosa’s newest boutique (Madison Paladino / The Bama Buzz)

Classy, chic and trendy are the words I would use to describe this place. Palmer Clothing opened back in July and the store features two stories of timeless clothing. With brands such as ASTR, English Market, Pistola and more, the quality of the clothes will always be top-notch. This place is not only great for game-day pieces, but for so many other occasions as well.

The Inside Scoop from a Boutique Stylist

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My personal favorite boutique in Tuscaloosa! (Madison Paladino / The Bama Buzz)

Wanting to look straight out of the fashion magazine this coming game day? Lucky you! Here is the inside scoop from a boutique stylist at Tuscaloosa’s Lucca Boutique:

“I feel like leather is pretty big every year, but this year I’m also seeing a good bit of tweed two piece sets and dresses. As well as cowgirl boots paired with game-day outfits. This year it’s more than just white cowgirl boots, but a lot of metallic colored boots- which is so much fun.”

-Ali Burleston

This boutique features frills and feathers, leather looks, personalized jewelry and so much more. Look better than ever this game-day season by following these fashion tips and trends.

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