NEW: Vets Recover treatment center opening soon in Mobile

Vets Recover Mobile Al
Vets Recover facility in Mobile, Alabama. (Vets Recover / Facebook)

Vets Recover, a nonprofit dedicated to providing recovery services to those who have served us, is taking an exciting step forward with the opening of their new Detox + Residential Treatment Facility in Mobile, Alabama. Keep reading for all the details.

Vets Recover Detox + Residential Treatment Facility opening in March 2024

The new Vets Recover Detox + Residential Treatment Facility will be a 34-bed unit located in a previously-abandoned, historic school building on Springhill Avenue in Mobile. According to NBC15 News, Vets Recover purchased the building in 2018 for just $87,000. Since then, it’s come a long way.

Though Vets Recover has faced several setbacks in the lifetime of the project, an opening date is now on the horizon—March 2024. Serving an important need in the South Alabama community, the new facility will provide top-notch care for first responders, veterans, service members and their families. When it opens, here’s what the facility will provide (according to Vets Recover’s website):

  • Interdisciplinary culturally competent, trauma-informed care
  • Medically monitored withdrawal management
  • Intensive residential substance use + co-occurring mental healthcare
  • Respite care 
  • Peer support

When + where you can find Vets Recover’s new facility

The long-awaited Vets Recover Detox + Residential Treatment Facility is coming soon! Here are the details:

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