New Zoo and Aquarium planned for North Alabama

N. Alabama Zoological Society Renderings Reduced 1
A rendering of the new zoo coming to North Alabama. Rendering via North Alabama Zoological Society, courtesy of Perry Becker Design & BRPH

For ages, North Alabamians have been wanting a zoo to come to the Huntsville area. Now, the wait is over! Thanks to the North Alabama Zoological Society, North Alabama is preparing to welcome a zoo. Keep reading for all the details.

Huntsville is home to the North Alabama Zoological Society (NALZS), a non-profit organization that has been working hard to bring a zoological park and aquarium to North Alabama. NALZS has found two properties for the planned project with help from Lancing Companies, a land development company.

What does this mean for the Huntsville area? Lions and tigers and bears—oh, my! Not only will the new zoo bring tourism to North Alabama, but it will also offer education, research and conservation opportunities.

A home for Zoo Animals in North Alabama

Layout Of North Alabama Zoological Park
The proposed layout of the North Alabama zoological park. Rendering via North Alabama Zoological Society, courtesy of Perry Becker Design & BRPH

Both of the proposed properties are located within Limestone County. The first property, located north of Martin Line Road, will be a new home for the animals in the zoo.

Inside, you’ll find an aquarium, a water park, gift shops, cafés and a zoological walking park. The zoo will be split up into areas representing North America, Asia, Africa, and National Parks, which will let visitors step into an immersive zoological experience without leaving Alabama.

A separate campus for research

Map Of North Alabama Zoo Sites
A look into how close the new zoo will be to you. Map of the two proposed sites via North Alabama Zoological Society.

Then, to the north of the zoo, the second proposed property is will serve as a zoological research campus. Located along Limestone Creek, the research campus will also be used for sustainable farming research.

Farming products produced at this property will be used to feed the animals and supply the restaurants in the zoological park.

Future plans for North Alabama

Future Zoo Of North Alabama In Huntsville
I can’t wait to explore the new zoo, what about you? A rendering of the future zoo via North Alabama Zoological Society, courtesy of Perry Becker Design & BRPH

The total cost of the project is $11 million, and the North Alabama Zoological Society is seeking help from the Huntsville and North Alabama communities. Click here to learn how you can support the new North Alabama zoo.

NALZS plans to open the zoological park in phases. The first phase is scheduled for 2023, which will consist of a smaller portion of the children’s zoo with regional animals. This will allow visitors the chance to get to know the animals living around the area, even the animals in our own backyards.

NALZS Executive Director Ethan Woodruff is also excited about the future plans for the zoo:

“We have been working on the project for the last two years setting the groundwork for creating a much-needed experience in our area. Other regions and communities our size have them, now is the right time for North Alabama to get one.”

North Alabama Zoological Society

We are so excited about this new opportunity in Huntsville and can’t wait to visit the zoo in North Alabama.

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