Northport city council approves plans for water park expansion + more

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City plans for the expansion of Kentuck Sports and Festival Complex. (City of Northport)

After a year of waiting, we’ve got the latest scoop on what you can expect from the City of Northport in the near future (hint: y’all it’s not just a water park).

Northport City council members approved plans on Monday, December 12, to give its citizens an early holiday gift. Residents can look forward to exploring a brand new water park, sportsplex, and outdoor adventure park as early as 2024! Check out the latest news for each expansion below:

Making a splash with ProParks Management

By May 2024 you’ll be able to add Northport, Alabama to your list of cities with the best water parks. City leaders announced a partnership with ProParks Management to aid in the design and construction of the water park. 

Originally planned for the recently purchased land near Rose Blvd, visitors will now look towards an 11-acre space down Macfarland Blvd, near the Big Lots and Tractor Supply Co. 

Baseball, basketball, tennis, and more

Parks and recreation will take on a whole new meaning with the construction of Northport’s sportsplex. Pickleball and tennis courts, a brand new baseball field, indoor basketball courts, and more are planned in this expansion of Kentuck Park. 

The latest additions will also include a tournament-ready field and outdoor amphitheater that will stretch along the Black Warrior River, giving visitors a naturesque reminder of how beautiful Alabama truly is. 

Test your adventurous side

Summer will bring a new sense of adventure in 2024. Get ready for picturesque walking trails, cozy cabins, zip-lines, a sparkling lake and more in Northport’s new adventure park. The approved master plan also expressed that residents can look forward to having corporate retreat spaces throughout the 151-acre park. 

From avid bird watchers to folks training for marathons to parents wanting to expose their kids to outdoor pursuits, this adventure space will have everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors—all year round!

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(City of Northport)

What to expect next . . .

City leaders will begin to estimate the cost for all three projects, possibly even adding a few extra ones not mentioned above. Councilmembers will explore ways to fund the project through grant opportunities as well as fund the project through the city’s Northport First Funds, a one-cent sales tax fund generated to aid in fun and exciting projects like this.

Councilman Jeff Hogg emphasized the importance of the expansions on Monday night, “We see this as being a catalyst for additional sit-down restaurants. We see this as being a catalyst for hotels and various other things that might come along such as shopping and retail in our city. 

Hogg went on to say, “You’ll see a lot of people passing through coming to sports tournaments or going to retreats at the adventure park or just coming to have a good time at the water park with their families.”

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