Northwest Alabama Economic Development Alliance creates 530 new jobs

Northwest Alabama Economic Development Alliance
Resource Fiber + more are hiring. Photo via Northwest Alabama Economic Development Alliance

Are you looking for a job in northwest Alabama? Northwest Alabama Economic Development Alliance has you covered by adding new jobs to the local workforce.

What is the Northwest Alabama Economic Development Alliance?

According to Made in Alabama, Northwest Alabama Economic Development Alliance (EDA) is working with companies to add 530 new jobs and invest $26.6 million in the local community. These new jobs will be in three northwest, rural Alabama counties. These counties include:

  • Fayette
  • Lamar
  • Marion

Northwest Alabama EDA is building up its local economy, showing no county or town is too small for big businesses and jobs.

A job for everyone

Northwest Alabama EDA’s mission is to unite the Fayette, Lamar and Marion counties to bring in new business and strengthen relationships with existing local businesses. This is all to boost the well-being of the residents and economy. When residents have better jobs and incomes, the local economy and community also becomes better.

Companies investing in the community are manufacturers and employers of:

  • Automotive industry
  • Building materials
  • Healthcare products
  • Home builders
  • Household goods

From the SHOWA Group latex glove factory in Fayette to Resource Fiber’s bamboo products in Lamar, there are job opportunities in a little bit of everything.

Location, location, location

With these counties being located near I-22, Northwest Alabama CEO and Founder Tom Wisemiller has high hopes for more businesses to invest in the communities. I-22 has easy access to major cities, like Birmingham, Huntsville, Memphis and Nashville. This means that these small counties can play a big role in manufacturing. Northwest Alabama EDA is hoping to continue to work with companies and manufacturers to build this industry locally.

“I think all of the communities here stand ready to work with businesses and make projects happen.”

Tom Wisemiller, CEO and President, Northwest Alabama Economic Development Alliance

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