Nourish, AL: All you need to know about this East Alabama hunger initiative

Nourish Al
Fresh produce on deck. (Hornsby Farms / Facebook)

We love finding new ways our community is giving back and spreading hope around the state. Here’s all you need to know about how Nourish, AL is helping food insecure families in the Auburn/Opelika area.

What is Nourish, AL?

Nourish Al
Fresh from the farm. (Hornsby Farms / Facebook)

Nourish AL was created in November 2016 through local Pediatrician Katie Wolter and Hornsby Farms. Hornsby Farms is a local family-farm that has deep roots in the community. You can find their produce at farm stands, farmer’s markets or delivered to your home.

Wolter was struck by the number of food insecure children in the area, so she partnered with the farm to create this nonprofit that fights hunger in the rural East Alabama area through initiatives and partnerships with local organizations.

Families are discovered through the Pediatric Associates of Auburn, who create relationships with these families in need, opening the door for them to become a part of the Nourish Foundation.


Nourish serves the area through multiple unique initiatives, changing lives one flower or basket at a time.

1. Weekly Produce Baskets

Every Friday local families receive produce baskets, providing them with a variety of nutritious goods. Volunteers pack the baskets and deliver them to homes, creating lasting relationships though healthy produce and meaningful interactions.

2. Nourish Blooms

Beautiful arranged flowers from Nourish are available to order as well as distributed from locations such as Coffee Cat and The Hound. Nourish Blooms are freshly picked and locally grown in the spring and summer, making the perfect gift or accent to brighten your home.

3. Fundraisers

The organizations puts on many different fundraisers such as benefit dinners, holiday jam sales and seasonal drives. Each fundraiser is aimed to support families in need and alleviate hunger in East Alabama.

Get Involved

This is your sign to get involved with this amazing cause. Nourish has a variety of outlets including internships, volunteering or donating. Stay on the lookout for more opportunities through their Facebook and Instagram. We talked to a local intern to get insight on what this nonprofit is all about.

I spent most of my summer creating children’s curriculums in mindfulness, nutrition and physical education. This was a great experience because domestic food insecurity is so near to my heart. I fully believe in the mission of the Nourish Foundation and vision of bringing health to local communities through a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare.

-Molly Hall, Summer Intern

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