Nova Market recently opened in Mobile—here’s what you need to know

Nova Market, Nova Espresso, Midtown, Mobile Al
Have you heard of the new Nova Market? (Nova Market)

Are you a fan of Nova Espresso? Then you have to try their new midtown location, Nova Market. Not sure what to expect? Keep reading!

What is Nova Market?

Nova Market, Nova Espresso, Midtown, Mobile Al
Nova market is the perfect one-stop-shop for everything you need. (Nova Market)

Nova Market is an expansion of Nova Espresso, with a twist. Rather than completely duplicate the downtown location, owners Tim and Claire Gautreaux created a coffee shop, eatery and corner store all in one.

The idea for this unique combination came from the pandemic.

“So the goal would be that you could come in, get a cup of coffee, get a meal and also… have an intentional, curated source of goods that you could cook a meal… We’ll have… toilet paper and Band-Aids, just trying to make it as essential as possible. And a lot of that comes out of having a full year of COVID, this mantra of essential business, essential business.

Tim Gautreaux, owner, on The Mobile Alabama Business Podcast

What should I expect?

If you can’t tell from the photos, Nova Market’s food menu is to die for. Their breakfast and lunch made perfectly to order are available every day but Mondays and Tuesdays. But, don’t worry. Nova Market offers “Grab n’ Go” meals on the days when the kitchen is closed so that you never have to shop hungry.

Nova Market will also be offering the same delicious coffee selection available at Nova Espresso. Make sure you try their Mardi Gras specials like the Krewe De Matcha, Queen of Hearts Latte and King Cake Cappuccino before it’s too late!

Hit your caffeine quota already? In addition to the curated selection of goods and the same great coffee menu, you can buy wine and beer by the glass to sip while you shop.

If you think that’s cool, trust me, it gets even cooler. Nova Market isn’t any ordinary store. Of course, everyday necessities like toilet paper, milk, eggs and cleaning products will be available, but much of the selection at Nova Market is handpicked by the Nova team. You’ll be able to get everything you need to make a delicious dinner based on the team’s favorite ingredients (and favorite recipes).

Try it out for yourself!

Nova Market, Nova Espresso, Midtown, Mobile Al
If you’re anything like us, we know you can’t wait to stop by Nova Market. (Nova Market)

Nova Market is located in The Lofts at Midtown, which recently opened in August, right next to the famous Dew Drop Inn. They’re currently in the process of setting up their phone, but they can be contacted over Facebook or by email for the time being.

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