NOW OPEN: New trail connects schools, parks and midtown communities in Montgomery

A new multi-use trail is now open to the residents of Montgomery. The Young Meadows Parks Trail was recently completed by the City of Montgomery’s Public Works in partnership with River Region Trails as a portion of a larger system of trails and parks that will eventually connect many of the city’s neighborhoods.

About the trail

The Young Meadows Parks Trail was developed as part of Mayor Steven L. Reed’s plan to increase walkability and quality of life in the city. Originating as a strategy to connect three of Montgomery’s adjacent parks through pedestrian access, the project expanded to include bike lanes that run the length of Young Meadows Road and new sidewalks along Bell Road to enhance pedestrian safety.

The trail can be accessed in many different places along the route, but parking is recommended at Ida Bell Young Park or at the Bark Park at Blount Cultural Park.

Benefits of the new trail

While the initial focus of the project was to connect the residents along Young Meadows Road to nearby parks, the new trail provides the additional benefit of reducing traffic on Young Meadows Road through Blount Cultural Park.

On the trail, residents will see sidewalks on Bell Road, bike lanes on Young Meadows Road and an extended section of pedestrian path on Vaughn Road. The result is a safe, continuous path that connects the Brewbaker School and Woodmere Park campuses.

Community reaction & future plans

Residents in the area have already embraced the new trail, including students at nearby schools who have benefitted from the new path section as a way to get to and from school safely.

Future phases of this project include potential improvements to Woodmere Park and pedestrian developments along Woodmere Drive.

Grace Howard
Grace Howard
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