Central Alabama Community College is building a new location in Prattville

Central Alabama Community College
Council members are excited to announce the BIG investment. Photo via Central Alabama Community College Facebook page

Prattville, your community college has some big news. The Autauga County Commission and Prattville City Council are investing $4 million for the local students at Central Alabama Community College.

Investing in Central Alabama Community College

According to Montgomery Advisor, the community is investing $4 million in the new location of Central Alabama Community College. Funding for the new campus sourced from:

  • Capital projects fund reserves
  • Departmental reserves
  • Economic development reserves
  • General fund
  • Online sales taxes
  • Public facilities one-cent reserves

This investment means more than a bigger and better location for the community college. The mayor and council members recognize the opportunities of this college. Not only for college students, but also to local high school students participating in dual enrollment.

“Public schools are so very, very important, and we support our public schools.

But higher education is important. This will allow our young people to continue their education, or get vocational training, after high school so they can get good jobs.”

Bill Gillespie Jr., Mayor, Prattville, as quoted in Montgomery Advisor

A new location in the works

Currently in Pratt’s Mill Shopping Center, this investment will allow Central Alabama Community College to have a permanent and larger location in the city. Prattville’s campus is one of the four locations of Central Alabama Community College.

Right now, the college hopes to build the college on a property owned by East Memorial Baptist Church. The college plans to have 50,000 square feet of buildings on 125 acres.

A bigger college? That means there will be more employees and students. This new Prattville location is expecting to hire 40 new professors. The college also hopes to grow from its 200 current students to 3,500 students.

Students, pack up your backpacks to go to class at the new location in January 2022. The college hopes to be ready for classes in the beginning of the new year, and to have a full campus in the spring or summer of 2022.

“I think I’ll be up there the first day of classes in January just to see the students walk through the doors.” 

Jay Thompson, President, Autauga County Commission, as quoted in Montgomery Advisor

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