Public fishing lakes in Alabama now return to regular hours

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Most of Alabama’s public fishing lakes will return to regular hours this month. (Photo via Jim Pack for The Bama Buzz)

With today being the first day of February, most of Alabama’s 23 state-owned public fishing lakes will return to regular operational hours this weekend. Located throughout the state, these lakes are noted for their quality fishing for bream, largemouth bass, channel catfish and crappie.

Here’s what to know:

Public fishing lakes in Alabama

The Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Department carefully stocks and manages the lakes for optimum fishing. The lakes are also fertilized to maximize fish production and fishing piers allow anglers easy access to deeper water.

In addition to traditional freshwater game species such as largemouth bass and crappie, WFF also stocks rainbow trout in select lakes.

A lake manager is available onsite at all state public fishing lakes except Fayette, Monroe and Washington counties. Anglers will need to purchase a fishing license and permit prior to visiting these lakes.

“Many state lakes have undergone renovations and changes in management over the past year. Some lakes will open later this month or remain closed for repairs and restocking. Anglers should call their district fisheries office or the individual lakes for the operational schedule when planning their fishing trip.”

Jonathan Brown, State Lakes Supervisor for the Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries

Fishing is easy, fun + affordable

Public Fishing Lakes
Fishing is a great hobby all year long. (Billy Pope/ADCNR Facebook Page)

Fishing is an affordable and easily accessible recreational opportunity for all Alabamians. Most state public fishing lakes offer boats for rent ($5) and launching of private fishing boats ($3). A daily permit and state fishing license are required to fish in the lakes.

Anglers may fish from the pier, bank, rental boat or personal boat.

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