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Red Land Cotton Owners And Products
The family of Red Land Cotton. Photo via BIG Communications

In a recent report from Google, they shared that 17,700 businesses, nonprofits, publishers, creators and developers in Alabama used Google to increase their online presence. This in turn generated $1.17 billion in economic activity in 2020. Keep reading to learn how a small cotton producer, like Red Land Cotton, used Google to grow their business and the state.

From a newly released poll conducted by Greenberg, from February 17 to March 11, 2021, ninety-eight percent of U.S. based small business owners say that digital tools were helpful in running their business. Eighty percent incorporated new digital tools and strategies because of the pandemic. This includes Red Land Cotton from Moulton, Alabama.

The innovation of Red Land Cotton

Red Land Cotton Co-Owner Anna Brakefield
Meet the co-founder of Red Land Cotton: Anna Brakefield Photo via BIG Communications

This cotton farm and textile was highlighted in Google’s nationwide Economic Impact Report. Established in 2016, Red Land Cotton was chosen by Google for their use of digital tools to increase their online presence and reach to customers. They credit their thriving online business directly to Google traffic.

“We always ask people how they found us, and it’s almost always one of our Google Ads,” said Anna Brakefield, co-founder of Red Land Cotton. Using digital tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics, they saw a forty percent growth year after year.

Red Land Cotton
Carefully crafted and lovingly made. Photo via Red Land Cotton’s Facebook

It’s [Google] allowed us to increase traffic to the site and increase our revenue and show up [in searches] when we need it to…that’s something that can’t really be said for other search engines…it’s a reasonably low cost tool to drive business to your website or to your brick and mortar location.

Anna Brakefield

Before the pandemic, they processed more than 15,000 orders in 2019. Red Land Cotton planned
for new products, increased production and new facilities. You might think that the pandemic would stop them in their tracks. Yet, Red Land Cotton gained more business.

COVID-19 shut down their in-person sales, but their online business soared. Red Land Cotton even increased their business, and demand for their products doubled in the spring of 2020. They attribute this growth from the one hundred and fifty percent traffic increase from Google.

From Brakefield’s perspective, Google Ads for Search and Gmail ads were key in that growth. She adds, “They allow us to be seen and align people with what they want to see.” Interestingly from the Google Analytics, their ads reached younger shoppers as well, opening up a whole new demographic.

From their farm to your home

Red Land Cotton Anna Brakefield Checks The Linens
Checking the quality of each product to ensure it is perfect for you. Photo via BIG Communications

Their business is emblematic of Alabama. They are family farm focused on striving toward sustainable practices to bring the cotton on their farm to your home.

A lot of people don’t know about the way cotton is grown, particularly in 2021. You know, it’s very modernized and pretty high tech. And then how it becomes a textile and being able to educate and inform, I think has been a big part of who we are and what we’re trying to do so that people are more aware of what goes into producing a textile in general and particularly here in the United States.

Anna Brakefield
Happy Cat Snuggled In Red Land Cotton
That is one happy cat. Photo via Red Land Cotton’s Facebook

Brakefield goes on to comment on how Red Land Cotton is a family farm. Her father and brother run the cotton farm, and she runs the e-commerce textile side of their business.

Being able to be integrated from the farm all the way through to the final product is something that is truly unique to us and allows us the knowledge and then the platform to educate about how something goes from point A to point B and follow that process all the way through.

Anna Brakefield

Their bed sheets, bath towels and other home linens are made with the finest homegrown cotton their farm produces. To ensure quality, their cotton is rain fed and produced under the latest and most sustainable farming techniques. They even have precise control as their cotton is processed through the cotton gin.

All of this care, precision and craftmanship is produced right here in Alabama for you.

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