Ride roller coasters with thrill-seekers across the continent…July 16

Alabama Adventure
Arms up or eyes closed, we know where you should be this Thursday. (Alabama Adventure / Facebook)

You may have thought that there’s no better feeling than the rushing wind blowing past you as you drop hundreds of feet on a roller coaster. Thrill-seekers, we have scream-worthy news for you. Head on over to Alabama Adventure this Thursday, July 16 at 1:00PM to take the ride of your life along with coaster enthusiasts all over the continent.

Hop on the World’s Largest Ride that’s coasting through North America

Alabama Adventure
A scream-worthy ride and view. (Alabama Adventure / Facebook)

Roller coaster lovers, we know where you should be this Thursday. On June 16 at 1:00PM Central, coaster riders across North America will be taking a ride at amusement parks across the continent. The World’s Largest Ride will celebrate the 95th anniversary of the opening of the first modern roller coaster.

On June 16, 1884, the opening of La Marcus Thompson’s Switchback Railway at Coney Island introduced a new way for thrill-seekers to feel a rush. Now, Alabama Adventure is joining the celebration of this historic ride by inviting us to take a ride with them to celebrate this big day.

A month just for thrill-seekers

Did you know there’s a month dedicated to the scream-worthy rides we love? There’s more to roller coasters than just the drop we feel in our stomachs as we rush down at a soaring speed. June is a time to marvel at the history, engineering and architecture that brought us these beloved rides.

“Roller coasters fill us with fears, thrills, laughter and screams, but most importantly, they offer us the opportunity to make unforgettable memories with family and friends. American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) is proud to take this moment to celebrate this anniversary with parks across North America during World Roller Coaster Appreciation Month.”

Elizabeth Ringas, Communications Director, American Coaster Enthusiasts

Plan a trip to Alabama Adventures this Thursday to join thousands on this historic ride!

Are you going to ride a roller coaster this Thursday? Let us know @thebamabuzz!

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