Rocket City plans $1.5M memorial for over 20,000 space exploration workers

Rocket City Memorial
How many times have you passed the famous rocket? Photo via Jacob Blankenship for The Bama Buzz

Through the City of Huntsville’s contribution to space exploration, Huntsville is constantly associated with thoughts of space, astronauts, rockets and more! Huntsville has released a plan for how they will honor Huntsvillians for their hard work. Read on for more.

More on the memorial

The planned memorial will cost $1.5 million, honoring 20,000 space exploration workers. How awesome is that? Here comes a chance to pay homage to those who made outer space accessible to mankind.

The individuals who will be honored have worked with NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. If you don’t know where this is located, look no further than Huntsville—making the Rocket City nickname even more appropriate.

Location, location, location

If you’ve been to Huntsville, (or even driven through) I’m sure you’ve noticed our giant rocket. There, you’ll find the US Space and Rocket Center acting as a welcome center to Marshall Space Flight Center.

In the future, you’ll also find the memorial here.

Organized by the NASA/Marshall Retirees Association

This project is being lead by the NASA/Marshall Retirees Association. Not only will they recognize government works for their contributions, but also contractors. It really is the team work that makes the dream work after all!

What do you think of the new upcoming memorial?

Until then, you can pay homage to space exploration by visiting the US Space and Rocket Center museum to learn more or even raise a glass to the first monkeys in space at their namesake, Baker and Able.

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