Shipt now offers same-day delivery for your fave beer and wine from Target

Beer And Wine Same Day Delivery
Will you be using this new service? Photo via Shipt

Shipt same-day delivery is here, Alabama! Folks across the state now have access to their fave beer and wine delivered from Target directly to their door. The best part? You can expect the delivery to get to your door as soon as one hour from ordering. Read more to find out how you can order beer and wine online.

Shipt same-day delivery

Shipt Same-Day Delivery
Shipt’s headquarters in DT Birmingham. Photo via The Bama Buzz

Earlier this year, the Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee passed a law allowing delivery of beer, wine and liquor from grocery stores. This bill allowed companies like Shipt to deliver your fave beer and wine straight to your door. With the holiday season in tow, Shipt is ready to expand its alcohol delivery service.

Each year around the holidays, Shipt sees an increase in beer and wine orders. Because of the demand for alcohol on the holidays, Shipt has expanded its app to include same-day delivery, so you don’t have to wait in case of a holiday party pinch.

FUN FACT: The most popular Shipt alcohol purchases include white wine, red wine, plus local beers.

Here’s what to expect: Shipt customers have access to shop the aisles of Target virtually. Now, you can include your favorite beer and wine products on the Shipt + Target apps. In the next few months, keep looking out for Shipt to expand alcohol delivery with even more retailers. That way you will have more access to even more products. 

How does this work?

Beer And Wine
Target + Shipt = same-day beer and wine delivery. Photo via Shipt

Only select areas in Alabama will have same-day delivery. If you wanna know if you have access to beer and wine orders, visit or download the Shipt app. Did you know you can also shop on the Target app and choose your preferred beverages? Target will schedule the delivery and a Shipt shopper for you. Amazing!

Worried about safety? If you want same-day delivery, you’ll have to provide your ID to prove you’re 21 years old or older. Also, Shipt Shoppers who deliver alcohol orders will complete Shipt’s certification program. So, they’ll know all the policies on identifying underage individuals, intoxicated persons, and fake IDs.

We’re excited to see same-day delivery of alcohol purchases excel in Alabama!

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