SHOWA Group receives FDA approval for biodegradable glove, big news for Fayette, AL

Showa Group
Getting work done in Fayette, Alabama. (Alabama Department of Commerce)

SHOWA Group has announced that its single-use nitrile gloves, manufactured in Fayette, Al, have been granted FDA 510(k) medical approval. Keep reading to learn what this means.

FDA Approved

Showadisposableglove 1 Alabama
Keeping frontline workers and their patients safe. (Business Wire)

SHOWA Group is now able to deliver the market’s first biodegradable nitrile gloves approved for medical use.

During the pandemic, healthcare organizations had to rely on PPE suppliers overseas, which lead to supply chain breakdowns, long delays, price increases and being left to use inferior products.

This approval means that hospitals, Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) and other healthcare buyers can reduce their reliance on overseas suppliers and purchase safe and effective gloves right here in America for our frontline workers. A big win!

What it means for Alabama

The approval will only bring even more growth to SHOWA.

According to Business Wire, the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs granted the city of Fayette $500,000 to repair infrastructure to further incentivize SHOWA’s growth in the area.

SHOWA’s Alabama facility produces around 1 million gloves DAILY. When their current expansion project is completed, that figure will double. Plus, this grant helps save jobs and lay foundation for expansion of SHOWA.

The company says it is building three more factories on site in Fayette, expanding its operations and will hire about 120 people, along with hiring 40 people every four months for the next two years. This is great news for the Alabama town.

Leaders in the state are excited for the growth this will bring.

“SHOWA Group has been a contributor to the Alabama economy for almost 50 years and has been a good friend and neighbor in Fayette. This expansion will help this Alabama plant modernize and begin production of new innovations in the disposable glove industry.”

Kay Ivey, Governor, State of Alabama

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