Small Biz Monday: 3 things to love about The Cheese Cottage in Mobile

Outside Of Cheese Cottage
The Cheese Cottage is your new favorite place! Photo via Liv George for The Bama Buzz.

Happy Monday, Mobile! We want to bring some much-needed celebration to your Monday by highlighting some small businesses in and around Mobile. This week, we’ll be talking all about the Cheese Cottage and why you should love it as much as we do!

About The Cheese Cottage

Baked Brie
But seriously, who doesn’t love a baked brie? Photo via The Cheese Cottage on Facebook.

There really is no other restaurant like The Cheese Cottage in Mobile. There are plenty of spots with delicious cheese boards and wine selections, but The Cheese Cottage really speaks to the love of cheese.

After years of working in corporate America, owner Kristi Barber combined her love for cheese and her passion for using cheese to bring people together. She wanted a change of pace, and moving back to her home state of Alabama to open The Cheese Cottage was the perfect solution.

Barber knew to make her business work, she’d need to know everything, not just about cheese, but about running a deli. In an effort to learn all there is to know about her new career path, she even took to working in a local deli to learn everything about the process from start to finish.

The second week was where the rubber met the road.  I was introduced to the SLICER.  Now, you may be saying, “SLICER. Really?”.  To you, I say, “Yes.”  I had never worked with something that could make you digit-less in one swipe before.  I had also never been trained in something by a 21-year-old.  It was humbling.  In order to keep all of my fingers AND find the mesquite smoked turkey, I had to put my corporate ego aside and listen — to a 21-year-old.

Kristi Barber, Owner of The Cheese Cottage via The Cheese Cottage’s blog

With all that effort, it’s no wonder the place is amazing. Let’s look at three reasons you should check out The Cheese Cottage.

1. The cheese (well, of course!)

Cheese Plate With Labels Of Cheese
Just look at that spread! Our mouths are watering already. Photo via The Cheese Cottage on Facebook.

When you click on the menu tab of The Cheese Cottage’s website, the first thing to pop up is the quote, “Our Focus is on the cheese.” and right they are with that!

Among the daily specials of cheeses, which rotate and change based on availability, The Cheese Cottage also has curated cheeseboards that are perfect for any group. Our favorite is The Ploughman, a one-person board for $15 that focuses on what’s in season. It features two cheeses (chosen by your cheese monger), some kind of cured meat, fresh seasonal fruits, a boiled egg, honey, pickles, and a baguette.

We’d be doing a disservice by not mentioning the rest of their amazing menu, too. They’ve got all sorts of deli delicacies like flatbread pizzas and sandwiches. Everyone will find something they love at The Cheese Cottage. You can see the full menu here.

2. Location, location, location

Cheese Platter
Want a plate like this in your life? The Cheese Cottage has it! Photo via The Cheese Cottage on Facebook.

Who doesn’t love when there’s a great restaurant in the heart of all the downtown action? St Louis street is full of so many fun things to do, and it all can start with lunch at The Cheese Cottage first!

After filling up on cheesy goodness, you can take a stroll over to Old Majestic Brewing Co, which sits conveniently next door. If you’re the thrifty type, hop across the street to Olde Mobile Antiques Gallery & Estate Sales. It’s a fun day built right in to the location!

3. To-go orders

To-Go Cheese Platter
Manifesting this to-go order for ourselves. Photo via The Cheese Cottage on Facebook.

Want the luxury of a cheese board at your next event, without having to worry about putting it together for yourself? The Cheese Cottage offers to-go orders. They’re carryout only, so you’ve got to pick them up, but a perfectly curated cheeseboard is the perfect addition to any house party or community event. Plus a cheese plate looks gorgeous when all put together.

“Would it be difficult?  Of course – I wouldn’t have it any other way (remember “highly motivated”).  Would it be scary?  You betcha – goodbye nest egg.  Would it be successful?  We hope so or we will die trying.  We will put every bit of our heart and soul into our new baby.  It will be a contributing member of our community, warm-hearted and competent.”

Kristi Barber, Owner of The Cheese Cottage in a post on The Cheese Cottage’s blog

Ready to check out The Cheese Cottage for yourself? Here’s all the info you may need.

We want to see your snacks from The Cheese Cottage! Tag us @thebamabuzz and show it off!

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