Small Biz Monday: Check out Rocket City Picnics—customized, luxury delights

Rocket City Picnics
Here I am, enjoying my Rocket City picnic! Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

It’s Monday. Even better, it’s Small Biz Monday. Here is a new small business you’re sure to love—Rocket City Picnics. Keep reading for the deets on these customizable, designer picnics.

Meet Maddy + Laura

Rocket City Picnics was created by partners Maddy Nasir and Laura York. They met while working in a clinical diagnostics laboratory. During the pandemic, Maddy and Laura worked long hours to provide COVID-19 testing to the Huntsville community. In December 2020, they decided to bring something else to the community—cheerful memories.

“After the rollercoaster of the pandemic, we decided now was the time to bring a magical experience to help curate new memories. Bringing modern luxury to a pastime activity, who would you create a memory with?”

—Laura York, Rocket City Picnics

Maddy spent the early 90s in Huntsville and finally moved back in 2008. Laura has been in Huntsville for over 30 years. Maddy and Laura hope to add to the Rocket City community through their business.

Tested for you, by yours truly

Rocket City Picnics
Isn’t this stunning? Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

These picnics are breathtaking. As a new business, I got to be Rocket City Picnics’ first (non-family) customer. Believe me—it was beautiful.

In fact, it made other Huntsvillians in Big Spring Park stop to look and ask for photos.

It is clear that Maddy and Laura are passionate about their work.

“We love pretty things. We love decorating, putting things together and hosting. We decided to combine all of those things.”

—Maddy Nasir, Rocket City Picnics

Fun fact: Maddy even planned her own wedding. Not just a regular ol’ wedding—a five-day traditional Indian wedding. Isn’t that amazing?

The theme of my picnic was “Pretty in Pink,” fitting since pink is my favorite color. It felt like the picnic was designed just for me. That is because it was.

Customize your own picnics

Rocket City Picnics
Check out what we added on. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

Currently, Rocket City Picnics offers two themes—”Dark and Stormy” and “Pretty in Pink.”

The themes include all the decorations, rug, table, table runner, plates, glasses, utensils, trash can, picnic basket, seating cushions, and hand sanitizer.

You pick the perfect spot for your picnic—at a public park, in your backyard or even inside your house. Maddy and Laura will make your picnic dreams come true.

“I love this town and I’m excited to bring a passion project to the community, helping to create unique memories in Rocket City.”

—Maddy Nasir, Rocket City Picnics

The customizable fun doesn’t stop there. You can add on a canopy, games, crafts, fresh flowers, balloons, a speaker, a photographer, a movie projector and more.

Rocket City Picnics don’t include food. However, you can pack your own picnic basket or ask Maddy and Laura to pick up some delicious local eats for your picnic.

The best thing about Rocket City Picnics? Maddy and Laura will work to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Book your Rocket City Picnics now

Rocket City Picnics
Picnics are a perfect fall activity. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

Picnics are a fun activity for date night, birthdays, holidays, bridesmaids or even a proposal.

Each picnic is customizable, so Maddy and Laura will discuss the details of each add-on and their cost.

The base price for a two-hour picnic for two people is $199.

Ready to book yours?

Huntsville, show us your picnic in Rocket City. Tag us on social @thebamabuzz.

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