Small Biz Monday: You’ll love Huntsville’s Stratton—The Jewelry Company

Stratton In Huntsville
Check out the jewels on STRATTON’s co-owner, Stratton Hobbs. Photo via Stratton Hobbs

Once again, it’s Small Biz Monday in Huntsville. The small business we’re highlighting today is one you won’t want to miss. A father-daughter duo owns and runs STRATTON—The Jewelry Company. Read on to learn more.

Meet Rodney and Stratton Hobbs

Stratton In Huntsville
The father-daughter duo hard at work. Photo via STRATTON’s Facebook

Rodney Hobbs owns and runs STRATTON with his daughter, Stratton Hobbs. You may recognize the name Hobbs, too.

The Hobbs have been in business since 1984, opening a Huntsville location in 2009.

The Huntsville location was bought by Rodney and Stratton in 2018 and they decided to establish a new brand in 2021. They continue to develop their own style while working toward creating a legacy in a growing city.

Since opening, they’ve been named “Best Jewelers of Huntsville” for 2020 and 2021.

We were lucky enough to meet the duo.

“Just as the family business has evolved over time, so has our eye for unique, yet sophisticated, pieces. With our family history in mind, STRATTON has set out to break the mold of the traditional jewelry business by hand selecting fun, fine, and edgy jewelry that reflects our favorite styles and traditions from around the world.”

—Stratton Hobbs, Co-Owner, STRATTON

Jewelry for everyone

Stratton In Huntsville
Stratton is modeling even more jewels. Photo via STRATTON

What did I find unqiue about STRATTON? There truly is something for everyone. Looking for jewelry for a baby, engagement rings or even a watch for a recent grad? STRATTON has you covered. I was able to find pieces that were both trendy and timeless.

STRATTON has a variety of price points and offers demi-fine jewelry, too. This really is a spot for everyone—no matter the walk of life you’re on.

Sneak peek

Stratton In Huntsville
I can’t wait for both of these events. Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

We love an exciting new event. STRATTON has some that caught our attention. For example, they offer piercing parties where you can get piercings from a professional and deck yourself out in some jewels.

STRATTON gave us a sneak peek at an upcoming event, so we’re here to give you the VIP info… A personalized, permanent bracelet event. STRATTON will use a specialized machine to weld the bracelet around your wrist—it’s the newest jewelry craze. How cool is that?

These events have been popular for siblings, friends and even couples. Follow their Instagram to keep an eye out for updates for “Sparks by STRATTON.”

Want to check out Stratton for yourself?

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