Snake-wrangler from Florence joins cast of “Love Island USA”

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Watch out, Fiji. A 24-year-old Florence, Alabama native is coming to Love Island USA. Read on to find out more about this snake wrangler who’s now a reality television star.

Robert Rausch—snake wrangler?

You read that right. Robert Rausch has made a career out of finding and wrangling snakes—all over the world. His Instagram account (with 108K followers) boasts locations such as Bali, Malta, Venice Beach, Algeria and his hometown, Florence, Alabama.

Rausch grew up in Florence and attended the University of North Alabama, where his father (also named Robert Rausch) is an Assistant Professor of Art.

According to Peacock, Rausch grew up on a farm and lived in a trailer with his three siblings.

Here are some other facts about Rausch, according to Peacock’s website.

  • Rausch still lives in his hometown of Florence, Alabama.
  • Many snakes have bitten him, one being venomous.
  • His grandparents, who have been together 60 years, are his relationship role models.
  • Golf is one of his favorite hobbies (besides snake-wrangling, of course).
  • His celebrity crush is Ana de Armas.

Robert Rausch on Love Island USA

Robert Rausch joined this season of Love Island USA during “Casa Amor” week.

Hosted by Sarah Hyland, here’s how Peacock’s website describes Love Island USA:

“Throughout their stay in a tropical oasis, Islanders will couple up to face brand new heart-racing challenges and bigger twists and turns than ever before. Temptations will rise and drama will ensue as new ‘bombshells’ arrive throughout the season, forcing Islanders to decide if they want to remain with their current partners or recouple with someone new.”

In addition, at-home viewers can vote for who gets to stay on “Love Island” in Fiji. We’ll have to see how long Rausch sticks around on Season 5!

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