Snead’s Farmhouse is helping injured ducks recover + you can too—find out more

Snead'S Farmhouse Duck Tape And Hopper
One-legged goose Hopper is learning how to walk again, with recovering duckling, Duck Tape, along for the ride. (Snead’s Farmhouse)

Judy Snead of Snead’s Farmhouse is no stranger to caring for animals and humans alike, so it’s only fitting that when she heard about an abandoned injured duck at Sportsman Lake in Cullman, she came to the rescue. Now, she needs your help to raise money for a permanent rehabilitation center on her farm to help more injured animals in the future. Read on for more details.

Helping animals in need

Snead'S Farmhouse, Judy And Quacky Feet Farms
Judy with her friend from Quacky Feet Farms, who brought an injured duckling in need to her neck of the woods. (Snead’s Farmhouse)

In case you aren’t familiar, allow me to introduce you to Judy Snead of Snead’s Farmhouse in Cullman. What started out with one chicken became a bustling farm full of all types of animals, including pigs, goats, peacocks, rabbits and much more.

She built her farm from the ground up, learning how to care for animals along the way with a go-getter mindset and a heart of gold. Since its inception, her farm has seen field trips, baby showers, photoshoots, wedding proposals—you name it!

Running the farm is a full-time job from sunrise to sunset, but above all, Judy prides herself in taking care of animals in need. Her journey as a bona fide animal rehabilitator began with an unlikely friendship between a one-legged goose and a baby duck.

“At the time, I had a goose, Hopper, that was recovering from amputation and I was doing therapy with it. I decided to put this baby duck with Hopper to give him some company because he didn’t have a mom. It was an instant connection—as if that was his mama. He would always sit on Hopper’s back to keep his feet warm and body regulated, so we named him Duck Tape.”

Judy Snead, Owner and Operator, Snead’s Farmhouse

Since helping Hopper and Duck Tape, Judy has taken on a few more webbed-foot friends who need extra help recovering, including Quacky Jackie, an amputee duck. To continue her work helping these animals, she needs your help.

How you can help

Quacky Jackie From Snead'S Farmhouse
Quacky Jackie is ready for her close-up. (Snead’s Farmhouse)

You may not know it, but vet bills, even on ducks, can add up really quickly. 

“Quacky Jackie had to undergo surgery to have her leg amputated and that was a $400 charge for her staying overnight. At that point, I realized we have a serious issue in Cullman…we have a huge lake with all these ducks that need help, and no one is going to rescue them.”

Judy Snead, Owner and Operator, Snead’s Farmhouse

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Snead’s Farmhouse started a fundraiser to provide a permanent rescue for ducks that need help in the Cullman area. With support from a local commissioner and the community, Snead’s Farmhouse has a new facility on the way—Sportsman Lake Rescue.

There, Judy and loyal volunteers will help rescue ducks, nurse them back to health and either rehome them or keep them at the farm.

If you love visiting Sportsman Lake or simply want to help these injured animals recover, consider donating to Judy’s cause. Since the farm is a non-profit, all donations are tax-deductible. Plus, if you’re interested in becoming a hands-on volunteer, reach out to the farmhouse to see how you can help!

If you happen to notice an injured duck while visiting Sportsman Lake, notify the office and they’ll be happy to let the right people know. 

Plan your next visit

Hopper And Duck Tape From Snead'S Farmhouse
Hopper and Duck Tape, stuck together like glue as per usual. Plus, a peacock cameo. (Snead’s Farmhouse)

Another fun way to help out the farm is to pay them a visit! Judy is all about showing the beauty of raising farm animals to children and adults alike. For schools, you can book a field trip for just $10 per person, including a petting zoo, interactive puppet show, creek exploration and more.

In the future, Judy plans on bringing Quacky Jackie to rehabilitation facilities with stroke survivors and amputees, to put a smile on their faces.

For more information on Snead’s Farmhouse, including scheduling a tour, visit their website.

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