Social media + Golf? What you need to know about the Pretty Marsh Golf, LLC investment

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What you need to kow about the PINZ investment. Photo via Courtney Cook for Unsplash.

Last week, a Birmingham-based startup fund, Alabama Futures Fund (AFF), invested in a small Mobile startup looking to reinvent the way you play golf, Pretty Marsh Golf, LLC’s project: PINZ.

What is PINZ?

Whether a newbie or a PGA Tour winner, PINZ aims to connect golfers of all skill sets, placing a huge emphasis on community, comparison, and connection. PINZ, once launched, will be the first-of-its-kind social media app for golfers, allowing them to compete and compare scores virtually.

PINZ is all about bringing golf into the digital age. Want to finally settle your golf group’s debate on who the best golfer is? PINZ allows you to compare average data with that of your friends. Need to show someone the reality of their golfing skills? Try comparing their golf data with a PGA Tour pro’s. Want to know how you did on a particular course? Check PINZ and see what the course data is and how far from the average you land.

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Grand Hotel Golf Resort & Spa in Point Clear, AL. Photo via

The invention of PINZ is going to revolutionize the way that golfers interact with one another–whether on the course or off. Good thing, too because the National Golf Foundation noted a 20% spike in the number of golfers from 2020-2021. This is a part of a larger 5-year trend or so where more people are looking to get out and golf.

What better way to connect golfers than through a competitive social media app?

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TimberCreek Golf Club in Daphne, AL. Photo via

About the startup

PINZ was founded by CEO Mike Stashak, who has over 20 years of business building and branding experience. Also on the startup team is Kyle Wiley, who is designing the application interface itself. Wiley has 15 or so years of experience in technology and branding.

Pinz Ceo
Mike Stashak, CEO of PINZ. Photo via Alabama Futures Fund.

This is the 12th investment for the Birmingham-based AFF, a venture capital firm that provides startup funds to new businesses. This decision was advised by Redhawk Advisory, LLC, which helps AFF manage its investment portfolio.

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