New Alabama Broadband Map identifies need for broadband in rural parts of the state

Broadband Map
Stay connected. Screenshot from Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs

On Thursday, January 6th, the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) unveiled the Alabama Broadband Map. This interactive map uses mapping data and information from 57 broadband internet service providers (ISPs) to visualize internet speeds and identify areas of the state which could be better served. Keep reading to learn more. 

What is broadband?

Laptop Broadband
How will you use the broadband map? (Tira Davis / The Bama Buzz)

Broadband transmits digital data—AKA internet—using tech such as fiber optics, wireless and cable. Basically, it’s what brings faster internet to wherever you are.

It’s important for our state to have access to high-quality broadband, especially as our lives become more digital. So ADECA hopes that the broadband map will encourage networkers to bring faster internet to our state’s rural areas.

The need for this interactive map

An informative video from ADECA

In the works for several months now, the Alabama Broadband Map is the result of hard work and cooperation between the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ALDECA) and 57 internet service providers in Alabama. The service aims to identify the strength of broadband—the system of coaxial cable, fiber optics and wireless—in all areas of Alabama. 

In essence, the Alabama Broadband Map aims to be a roadmap that public and private services can utilize to ensure every Alabamian has access to the digital age.  

How does the Alabama Broadband Map work?

Take a peek. Screenshot from Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs

The map will provide insight into:

  • Investment of faster internet to unserved areas
  • ISPs expansion plans
  • Accurate depiction of our state’s broadband

ADECA hopes that this plan will bring awareness to which communities need broadband access. In turn, it’ll bring ISPs to areas that need a modern update.

“Expanding access to high-speed internet will help bring more jobs, improve educational opportunities and bolster our economy. I commend ADECA, the internet service providers and all others involved in this mammoth effort to create this valuable new tool that will enhance our efforts to provide broadband services to every corner of Alabama.”  

Kay Ivey, AL Governor

So what can you do with this map?

  • research broadband availability and speeds across the state, including your home
  • run a speed test and provide information about their current connectivity
  • ISPs can challenge the map’s info, so you can expect accurate and useful data

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