Take a trip to the oldest restaurant in Mobile

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Good mood food. (The Dew Drop Inn / Facebook)

Want a delicious taste of Mobile history? Get to know Mobile’s oldest restaurant — according to a passage on the Dew Drop menu, the restaurant is home to Jimmy Buffett’s favorite cheeseburger in the country.

The history of Dew Drop

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The man behind the magic. (The Dew Drop Inn / Facebook)

Dew Drop first opened their doors in 1924 as a small-scale sandwich shop near Government St — about 4 minutes from their current location. The original restaurant’s owner, George Widney, was known as “Hot Dog King,” and it is rumored that he introduced southern Alabama to hot dogs as a whole! It’s pretty obvious that their bright-red hot dogs were a major hit – they remain a crowd-puller to this day.

Besides moving to their current location and remodeling in 1967, nothing about the restaurant has changed. From rustic diner decor to 90-year-old recipes, Dew Drop is as original as it gets.

This year, Dew Drop was nominated for three Nappie awards:

  • Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners
  • Last Meal on Earth
  • Best Gumbo

These awards are presented by Lagniappe, the largest newspaper in Mobile, and the results will be announced on July 19th. They also earned a spot on the Alabama Tourism Department’s competitive list of “100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama” in 2019.

Feeling the love

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An oldie but a goodie. (The Dew Drop Inn / Facebook)

Regular diners take up a majority of the restaurant each day at Dew Drop. Nine times out of ten, they sit down at one of the age-old booths without glancing at a menu, and patiently wait for a friendly server to take their order.

The staff at this establishment are memorable to say the least. Each server makes you feel right at home, treating you like they have known you for years. The idea of “service with a smile” is taken to a whole different level here.

This menu will have you savoring every last bite

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We love these homemade onion rings. (The Dew Drop Inn / Facebook)

With a menu like this, you better come to this restaurant ready to eat. Some fan-favorites on the menu include:

  • “The Dew Drop Inn Hot Dog” – a hot dog dressed with chili, sauerkraut, mustard, ketchup and a pickle slice.
  • “Chili bun” – chili on a well-toasted bun.
  • “Fried shrimp po’boy” – lettuce, tomato and shrimp on white bread.
  • ”Double Hamburger” – two hamburger patties dressed with chili, mustard and ketchup on a bun.

We hope to see you enjoying a southern-style meal from Dew Drop this summer.

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