Talladega College receives historic donation of $2.5M from an anonymous donor

Faculty at Talladega College hold a check for $2.5M, granted to the school by an anonymous donor. Photo via Talladega College

Just in time for the holiday festivities, Talladega College recently received a great gift to assist their students—a huge, anonymous donation of $2.5M that they plan to use to help students further their education. Keep reading to find out more about Talladega College’s plans for the donation.

About Talladega College

Established in 1867, Talladega College is one of the oldest private historically black liberal arts colleges in the state of Alabama. Along with two other HBCUs across the country, they received a $2.5M donation from an anonymous donor that will go towards supporting student scholarships. What could be greater than giving the gift of education to students?

Plans for the Funds

According to Dr. Lisa Long, acting president of Talladega College, the school plans to use the donation to further expand their ‘Angel Award’ scholarship program, which is geared towards helping students take out fewer loans for college and be more financially stable. The ‘Angel Award’ program was set up earlier this year in August after the school received an anonymous donation of $250,000 that was used to help nearly a hundred students facing financial uncertainty.

“Our College’s most important asset is our people. This donation is yet another validation that we’re on the right track with facilitating the needs of our students.”

Dr. Lisa Long, acting president of Talladega College

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Sabrina Palmer
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