The Bride Of Bayview Bridge Is the Haunted Alabama Story You Need To Know

Haunted Alabama
A bride awaits for you on this haunted Alabama bridge. Photo via Liz Martin/Unsplash

It’s almost spooky season which means it’s time to pull out the scary stories. If you haven’t heard the local myth of Mulga’s Bayview Bridge, keep reading because we have the perfect haunted Alabama tale for you to tell around the campfire.

Bayview Bridge in the town of Mulga

Haunted Alabama
Old buildings in Mulga. Photo via Alabama Pioneers

Bayview Bridge is located in Mulga, Alabama, a small town not even twenty minutes outside downtown Birmingham. By day it resembles any other bridge, and you may have even driven across it unaware of its creepy history.

However, the locals have sworn for years that Bayview Bridge is haunted, with claims that a ghostly bride occupies the area. Many of the people of Mulga have lived their entire life there with family roots that run deep.

So, if you bring up the Bride of Bayview Bridge around the locals, odds are they not only know the main story, but could tell you about all the variations and sightings that have been passed down.

The story

Haunted Alabama
Something spooky lies by the bridge. Photo via Jason Strull/Unsplash

As with all tall tales, there are several accounts of the haunted circumstances surrounding Bayview Bridge.

One of the most popular versions takes place in the 1940s. It tells the story of a young woman who had hired a dressmaker for her wedding. She did not have a car, so she decided to take a nice walk to the dressmaker for her final fitting.

Tragically, she never made it back home as she was attacked by a pack of wild dogs roaming the area. Her violent death led to her spirit staying stuck near the bridge for all eternity.

Another version says that same girl had second thoughts about her impending marriage and was a runaway bride. As she fled the alter, she was run off the bridge by a car.

Others say she was driving after the wedding with her husband when she crashed into a guard rail, killing them both. This prompted her ghost to forever search for the groom around the bridge.

The last version states that the woman was a young mother who was driving across the bridge with her child. There was a car crash, and the mother survived, but the child died. When the woman eventually passed away, her ghost returned to Bayview Bridge to search for the child.

Rumored sightings

Haunted Alabama
The old Bayview Bridge is a haunted Alabama site. Photo via Alabama Pioneers

When it comes to actual sightings of the ghostly bride, they are few and far between. However, certain drivers have reported seeing hand-prints form on their windshields while driving over the bridge.

There has even been an incident where a brand-new car came to a dead stop on the bridge for no apparent reason. Misty figures were supposedly seen by the driver before the car started up again.

How true is this story? I think the only way to know for sure is to head out to Mulga and inspect Bayview Bridge for yourself. That is, if you’re brave enough.

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