The latest Stephen King adaptation starring Tom Hiddleston + Mark Hamill is now filming in Mobile

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The latest Stephen King adaptation film, The Life of Chuck, is now filming in Mobile, Alabama. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Fans of Stephen King adaptations are in for a treat, and if you’re in Mobile, it might just be filming in your neighborhood. A recent report by WKRG revealed that a new movie based on Stephen King’s short story The Life of Chuck began filming in the Mobile area on Monday, October 30.

The star-studded cast of The Life of Chuck

Back in May, Deadline announced the project would be directed by Mike Flanagan, known for directing projects like Doctor Sleep and The Haunting of Hill House.

The Life of Chuck is the latest of several Stephen King stories to be adapted into film, joining the ranks of iconic adaptations like Stand by Me, The Shawshank Redemption and Carrie, to name a few. The story recounts the life of Charles “Chuck” Krantz, told in reverse, beginning with his death and ending with his time growing up in a supposed haunted house.

Two main stars have also been announced: Tom Hiddleston, best known for his role as Loki in the Thor franchise, and Mark Hamill, who rose to stardom after playing Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars movies. Hiddleston will play the titular Chuck with Hamill accompanying in the role of Albie.

Filming in locations around the Mobile area

According to WKRG‘s report, one of the prominent filming locations is the vacant Bay Minette Intermediate School. Reports also suggest that future filming will take place in downtown Mobile as well. (Psssst.. they’re looking for extras)

As of now, there is no release date for the film but we will be keeping an eye out for updates (and even potential celebrity sightings).

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