The McFarland Mall demolition is complete—what’s next for Tuscaloosa?

Mcfarland Mall Alabama, Construction, Tuscaloosa
McFarland Mall demolition (Todd Media)

The final stages of the McFarland Mall demolition have finally been completed after being put on pause for almost a year. What’s next for the 38.6 acre site the mall once stood on? Read on to find out what Tuscaloosa locals and businessmen want to see take its place.

Plans for McFarland Mall

Stan Pate, real estate developer and businessman, said that there are no definitive plans for the property as of now, and he is open to ideas from the public. Pate said that he is committed to improving the Tuscaloosa community and wants to develop a place that not only locals, but visitors want to stop by and stay at.

Pate, who purchased the property back in 2008, said that it’s important to build something for children and for families, referring to his development of the Cobb Hollywood 16 Theater. He wants to develop something the community can take pride in.

Back in 2020, Pate announced that he would turn the property into a sportsplex, claiming that “if Birmingham can do it, we can do it. According to Pate, 78% of Tuscaloosa voted ‘yes’ to the idea of a sportsplex in Tuscaloosa.

Local opinion

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All that’s left of McFarland mall. (Cooper Stanley / The Bama Buzz)

When Tuscaloosa locals were asked for their opinion on what should take the place of McFarland Mall, where Dollar Tree is the only thing left standing, there were mixed opinions on the topic. Longtime Tuscaloosa resident Todd Pennington agreed that the sportsplex is just what Tuscaloosa needs. “I think it could really take Tuscaloosa athletics to the next level,” said Pennington. “I drive my kids to Birmingham for sports every week for the sole reason that they have better facilities.”

On the other hand, Anna Dawson, a small business owner, suggested that the McFarland Mall property be used as retail space. Dawson suggested that since there aren’t as many retail options on that end of Tuscaloosa, it would be beneficial.

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