The Wharf at Orange Beach makes way for new development, demolishing Bama Bayou

The Wharf At Orange Beach
The Wharf at Orange Beach is a popular spot, and it’s growing. (City of Orange Beach / Facebook)

Demolition has begun at the abandoned Bama Bayou in Orange Beach. Keep reading to find what The Wharf at Orange Beach is doing with the site.

Goodbye, Bama Bayou

According to Orange Beach News, The Wharf at Orange Beach bought the site of the abandoned Bama Bayou project. This 86-acre property is located near the Foley Beach Express tall bridge.

The Bama Bayou developer defaulted on a loan, as reported by NBC15, and the incomplete project has been an Orange Beach eyesore since 2009. That’s about to change, though.

“This eyesore has been there for 13-14 years…It’s the entry way to Orange Beach. It’s ridiculous, it’s been tied up in court. I don’t want people making money with their attorneys so it’s finally time we’re getting rid of it and we’re extremely happy about it.”

Mayor Tony Kennon (WEAR News / ABC 3)

But Bama Bayou isn’t just getting torn down. It’s being replaced by an exciting new development.

Hello, The Wharf Landing

The Wharf at Orange Beach is already a huge destination for locals and residents alike. Their new development, The Wharf Landing, will make it even more so.

With locally-owned dining, shopping and entertainment, as well as the stunning ferris wheel and amphitheater, The Wharf at Orange Beach is has something for all ages. The new expansion at The Wharf Landing is sure to add even more fun to the mix.

“The Wharf sets the standard for a dynamic mixed-use development on Alabama’s Gulf Coast…The ownership team has a proven track record of creating an appealing and successful destination for tourists and local residents. As the coastal market continues to grow, the addition of The Wharf Landing is timely and exciting.”

Jeff Barnes, advisor with Stirling Properties (Orange Beach News)

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