The World Games 2022 and Microsoft partner to empower HBCU Students

Michael Ford Speaking To Hbcu Students 
At The Announcement
Michael Ford of Microsoft announcing the big news. (The World Games 2022)

The World Games 2022 is joining together with Microsoft to promote and empower Alabama’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Read more to learn all about The World Games 2022 HBCU Experience!

The Experience

Leaders from The World Games 2022, Microsoft and HBCUs from all over Alabama announced this exciting partnership at Miles College in Birmingham on Thursday, March 31. The program will allow these organizations to team up and create a workforce ready to lead our state toward the future.

Goals of the experience:

  • encourage students’ professional growth
  • facilitate collaboration between HBCUs, Historically Black Community Colleges (HBCCs) and Microsoft
  • inspire students to pursue careers and opportunities in technology

What it includes

Students At The World Games Announcement
Students excited to hear the announcement on Thursday. (The World Games 2022)

When HBCU students sign up for this experience, they’re signing up for knowledge that will stay with them long after the events take place. The experience includes virtual events leading up to The World Games 2022, a Minecraft challenge to learn about game development and a live event in The World Games 2022 Plaza.

What the events will cover:

  • Tuesday, April 5: Technology and Color: Breaking Barriers
  • Tuesday, April 12: Winning and Disruption: Using Technology to Start a Business
  • Tuesday, April 19: Innovating Social Impact: Building Technology for the Greater Good

Another awesome benefit of this program? The organizations have put together a scholarship fund for HBCUs in Alabama to ensure The World Games 2022 creates lasting change for students all over the state.

Hope for the future

Porter Speaking With Students
Jonathan Porter with The World Games speaking with students. (The World Games 2022)

Jonathan Porter, Chairman of the Board for The World Games 2022 is hopeful of what this program will bring to our city and Alabama as a whole.

“From the start, we’ve wanted The World Games 2022 to be not only a once-in-a-life sports experience, but also a tremendous opportunity to bring lasting, positive changes to Birmingham and to the entire state of Alabama. Our partnership with Microsoft provides an excellent platform to work alongside Alabama’s HBCUs and HBCCs and ensure a diversified technology workforce that is well-prepared to lead our state and our world toward the future.”

Jonathan Porter, Chairman, The World Games 2022

The perfect partnership

World Games Mural 2
World Games mural. Oak Mountain State Park. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now.

Microsoft’s mission is “to empower every person and every organization to achieve more,” and we think that using their impressive platform alongside The World Games 2022 will do just that.

These students will get to learn and use their knowledge to make a difference in the workforce after they complete the program. Bobbie Knight, President of Miles College, believes this is the exact opportunity that organizations like Miles want for their students. Sounds like a win-win for everyone!

“We focus a great deal on developing sustainable relationships with our community and with corporate partners to enhance the student experience and to provide first class practical experiences so our students are prepared to competitively join the workforce after they graduate. This program aligns perfectly with that.”

Bobbie Knight, President, Miles College

Opportunity for Alabama

The partnership between The World Games 2022 and Microsoft is an exciting opportunity for students of HBCUs. Students who take part in the experience will be able to explore career and business opportunities in the tech industry and showcase their talent on a global platform. As the state with the largest number of HBCUs and HBCCs in the country, this is the perfect chance for Alabama HBCUs to show off their skills!

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