This is the wildest food challenge in Alabama according to Mashed

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You’ll need to eat more oysters than this to beat Alabama’s wildest food challenge… a lot more. (Wintzell’s Oyster House)

Even for the most daring appetites, getting through a competitive food challenge is no easy feat. From downing gargantuan burgers to bottomless bowls of chili, popular publication Mashed put together their list of wildest food challenges for each state. Even the most intense seafood lovers will be put to the test for Alabama’s pick—read on for details.

For serious oyster lovers only

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Check out the leaderboard. (Wintzell’s Oyster House)

Whether you love taking on the challenges yourself or are happy watching from the sidelines, there’s something fascinating about people eating a lot of food in a short period of time.

Out of all the eateries in Alabama, one stood above the rest for its ambitious oyster eating challenge: Wintzell’s Oyster House.

Founded in Mobile in 1938, this vibrant oyster house has since expanded to include six Alabama locations. Described as a “seafood haven” by Mashed, this spot is well known for its deletable offerings.

So, what challenge garnered all this attention? The rules are simple. Head to any Wintzell’s location and grab a seat at the oyster bar. Then, eat as many raw oysters on the half shell within one hour as you can. To win the challenge, you have to eat more oysters than the existing record holder.

Oyster lovers, I know you’re thinking you’re up for the job. But let me set the stage for you: the current record holder, Ken Orndoff of Foley, ate a jaw-dropping 421 oysters in one sitting. He’s held the record since September 2010.

The current women’s record holder, Kristen Amy Irby, consumed 223 oysters in one hour. She’s held her place since April 30, 2019.

Are you up for the challenge?

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(Wintzell’s Oyster Bar)

You’re probably wondering, what’s the reward for all of those oysters? Probably a tummy ache. But you also snag a $25 check and your name on the esteemed list of Wintzell’s oyster-eating champions. Plus, you’ll have the ultimate bragging rights.

I love seafood as much as the next person, but definitely not that much. If you find yourself in the mood to eat an obscene amount of oysters, you know where you can go. Check out the statement from the champion oyster-house:

Find a Wintzell’s location near you.

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