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Bradford Health Services
Bradford Health’s Warrior Campus is just lovely. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Addiction recovery is not an easy journey, but it’s not one you have to face on your own. Bradford Health Services provide the resources you need for lasting recovery with a unique community approach that gives you a built-in support system. Read on for an inside look at their picturesque Warrior, Alabama campus.

Recover in nature

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If you’re nervous about picking up the phone and coming to treatment because you’re envisioning a sad, locked facility—know that Bradford is different.

As soon as we arrived on the lush, green campus in Warrior, we were enchanted by the natural beauty of this recovery facility. You can’t help but take a deep breath of fresh air.

Built in the late 70s, this picturesque campus has the feel of summer camp.

The first step to your recovery journey? Picking up the phone. Here’s what happens when you call Bradford Health at 1-888-SOBER-40.

Bradford Health Services

Not your average facility

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Oh so green. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Every patient admitted to Bradford’s Warrior campus starts at the Warrior Lodge. Upon arrival, you’ll head down a winding road that leads to the detox facility and a pretty sweet challenge course. More on that later.

The ambiance is soothing and quiet—you’ll hear birds chirping and the wind rustling the leaves. This is square one, and while detox is notoriously one of the most intense parts of recovery, Bradford has the medical professionals and tools to make it as safe and as comfortable as possible.

“We make sure that the detox process is safe and comfortable. We use medications that will keep you out of withdrawal. Then, it’s a tapering process over a four-to-five-day period. Your first 24 hours are going to be in detox. Then once you get the all clear to participate, you’ll immediately settle in the cottages and join in on the fellowship and community Bradford offers.”

Jennifer Gibson, Alumni Director, Bradford Health Services 

A cozy stay

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As Jennifer mentioned, patients continue recovery at one of Bradford’s gorgeous cottages after they’re cleared from the detox process. Surrounding the administration building, each cottage is separated by gender and generally grouped by age or specialty program, as well.

“We want to try to give our patients the best sense of normalcy we can. We want them to be prepared to step back into their real life when they leave.”

Jennifer Gibson, Alumni Director, Bradford Health Services 

It’s almost like a dorm room experience—each patient stays in a room with two people, and there are eight rooms per cottage. With comfortable lounge areas and common spaces, it’s a wonderful place to ease into recovery.

“You’re getting a lot of intensive therapy while you’re here, but it’s not the “stock photo” therapy you may expect. Our treatment plans are customized for each patient and include more unique practices such as adventure-based therapy. We want to show that recovery is about the other side.”

Megan Campbell, Director of Marketing, Bradford Health Services
Bradford Health Services

All about community

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Healing together. (Bradford Health)

Above anything else, Bradford knows the value community can bring to the healing process. As a Bradford alumna herself, Jennifer experienced the power of fellowship firsthand.

“What surprised me about coming to Bradford is how incredibly vibrant and connected everything was. There’s a flavor for everybody. Addiction thrives in isolation, so the goal is to leave Bradford and find community.”

Jennifer Gibson, Alumni Director, Bradford Health Services 

You hardly hear of patients that are over the moon to run back to a recovery facility—but with an awesome ropes challenge course and enriching fellowship activities—Bradford alumni love reuniting and uplifting each other in their lifelong recovery journeys.

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“Once a month, we host alumni challenges where graduates of our program come back for games, fellowship and community. It’s really special and unique. It’s adventure-based challenges that you don’t really get to do a lot as an adult.”

Jennifer Gibson, Alumni Director, Bradford Health Services 

Bradford even hosted a chili cook-off event with hundreds of Bradford alumni in attendance. From people who have personally been through addiction recovery to people going through it with you simultaneously, Bradford surrounds you with encouraging support and authentic connection with peers.

Bradford Health Services

Staying with you every step of the way

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Better together. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

One of the most special things about Bradford is their commitment to walk with you every step of the way. Recovery doesn’t end when your time at Bradford does. Every program follows up with community groups and community-focused recovery.

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Bradford has resources to focus on those who are healthcare professionals, business professionals, attorneys, first responders, active duty military and veterans, with specialty programs and support.

Plus, Bradford is all about meeting you where you’re at. Regardless of your beliefs, they’ll support you and provide resources that bring you the most hope and value.

“Many of our patients have a spiritual connection or strong religious beliefs when they arrive. But on the flip side, there are also lots of patients that have no religious affiliations. We focus on what works for each individual patient and really hone in on their wellness of mind, body and spirit.”

Jennifer Gibson, Alumni Director, Bradford Health Services 

Programs at Bradford’s Warrior Campus generally last anywhere from three to 12 weeks, and as you go through treatment, the levels of care will adapt to your unique needs and situation on your personal path to recovery.

Take the first step to recovery

“If somebody calls for help, we’re going to take the call and make sure they get help, even if they do not end up in our program. We know it’s hard to make that call, and we want to make sure they get the support they need.”

Jennifer Gibson, Alumni Director, Bradford Health Services 

Reach out to Bradford. The friendly faces on the other side are ready to help you get to the other side of addiction recovery. Call 1-888-SOBER-40 today.

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