Toomer’s Corner tree-rolling tradition is back after 6 years

Auburn Oaks Roll Tree Toomer'S Corner
Time to roll the Auburn Oaks once again. (Cecilia Wood)

Auburn fans, here’s one more reason to be excited for football season: the age-old Auburn tradition of rolling the Toomer’s Corner oaks is finally back. Here’s what you need to know about this milestone.

The young trees are ready to stand the Auburn tradition

After the unfortunate poisoning of the over-50-year-old Auburn Oaks in 2010 and the burning of their replacements in 2016, Auburn planted two more oaks at Toomer’s Corner in 2017.

To protect the young trees, Auburn asked fans to refrain from rolling the oaks after football victories—a decades-old tradition.

“We knew from the beginning it was a huge request to ask our fans to not roll the two new Auburn Oaks at Toomer’s Corner. We knew this short-term request would reap long-term benefits in upholding one of the best collegiate athletic traditions of rolling Toomer’s Corner.”

Justin Sutton, Auburn’s director of Facilities Management Landscape Services

This season, fans are finally reaping those benefits. According to their press release, Auburn has deemed the trees established enough to stand the tradition this season—and hopefully for many seasons to come.

“Because of the Auburn Family’s commitment, the trees are now established and can withstand rolling and cleanup efforts after Auburn athletic victories. With continued care, we expect the trees to grow vigorously and become further established.

The Auburn Oaks are still under a near constant maintenance and growth program. If anything, the maintenance program for the trees will be even more intense as we combat the impact of rolling and soil compaction from rolling events.”

Alex Hedgepath, Auburn University arborist

A milestone for Toomer’s Corner

Auburn Oaks Tree Rolling Tradition Toomer'S Corner
Fans are excited to bring this tradition back to Toomer’s Corner. (Cecilia Wood)

After 6 years of close care, the new Auburn Oaks will be rolled this year.

“The long-term establishment, overall health and projected long life of these trees was our goal from the beginning. With the help of the Auburn Family, we feel as if we’ve reached this milestone.”

Justin Sutton, Auburn’s director of Facilities Management Landscape Services

Auburn fans—from tailgaters to the University’s president—are excited for the return of “one of the nation’s top sports traditions.”

“The rolling of Toomer’s Corner is one of the nation’s top sports traditions. Our fans have come together for decades on the corner of Magnolia and College to celebrate our big wins. In recent years, we continued our cherished tradition by rolling different trees, but I am very excited that the Auburn Family will once again be able to roll our most prominent trees.”

Auburn President Christopher B. Roberts

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