Tweet, Tweet: Birding and Learning Soars Inside Tweetsville at the Huntsville Botanical Garden

Welcome to Tweetsville at the Huntsville Botanical Garden. Photo via Matthew Kroschel for Bama Buzz

Tweetsville is something to tweet (and talk) about, Alabama!

The brand new experience centered on birds and bird habitat opened inside the fan-favorite Huntsville Botanical Garden last month, and it is already gaining regional fanfare.

Welcome to Tweetsville

Tweetsville is located in the Huntsville Botanical Garden. Photo via Matthew Kroschel for Bama Buzz

When you enter the 112 acre-Huntsville Botanical Garden located off I-565 in Huntsville, you take a quick walk over to the Children’s Garden, and you will find Tweetsville. If you have ever visited the Garden, you probably already know the birds LOVE this oasis as they migrate through Alabama throughout the year; now they are on center stage.

The Lewis Bird Watch

The Lewis Bird Watch inside Tweetsville. Photo via Matthew Kroschel for Bama Buzz

The new Tweetsville features the Lewis Bird Watch, a viewing area where guests can observe birds in their natural environment from behind one-way glass. Workers installed a bubbling water feature and plenty of plants to attract birds of all sizes and colors. My advice: bring your cameras and your binoculars. 

Birdwatching is for Everyone

Birdwatching is fun for all ages. Photo via Matthew Kroschel for Bama Buzz

Bird watching isn’t just for retired folks (as the stereotype may lead you to believe.) As a self-identified amateur birder, I find the excitement of spotting and identifying rare birds matches the joy of a disc golf perfect toss. And bird people are some of the most wonderful folks I have found on my travels. On my last visit to the Garden, I met a guy who was equally excited over the new trails and the birdwatch. The structure is named for Herb and Terry Lewis, long-time birders. Their love of our feathered friends and expertise in the field helped guide the bird watch area’s development. 

A “See Rocket City” birdhouse at Tweetsville. Photo via Matthew Kroschel for Bama Buzz

Huntsville Botanical Garden totes Tweetsville as a place where guests of all ages can be curious, learn, and explore the many ways birds, plants, and people are interconnected in our Alabama ecosystem. 

Construction crews also erected an iconic entrance through the “See Rocket City” birdhouse, a larger-than-life birdhouse structure with a playful nod to the famous “See Rock City” red barns that so many Alabama folks will instantly recognize. 

Once you enter Tweetsville, you find yourself walking along winding paths lined with diverse plantings. 

Tweetsville. Photo via Matthew Kroschel for Bama Buzz

Tweetsville is designed to be interactive and educational. One of my favorite things about the new experience: the signs. Yes, learning tips about how you can transform YOUR backyard into a bird paradise by the plants you choose to include in your garden design is super cool. I am already coming up with my Spring planting and garden renovations based on some of the things I learned while at Tweetsville.

Phase Two is Coming Soon!

Phase two of Tweetsville is coming soon. Photo via Matthew Kroschel for Bama Buzz

The second phase of construction at Tweetsville will include the addition of giant bird nests—yes, like big enough for people to walk inside! The Garden hopes these teach learners about bird behaviors and building methods. Workers will also create model tiny homes that demonstrate how to attract birds in a backyard setting. 

And one of the coolest things about this project: it is truly a community-wide effort. Funding for the second phase is currently underway, with donations flapping into the non-profit. The Huntsville Botanical Garden is an American Public Gardens Association, the North American Plant Collections Consortium, and the American Horticultural Society members. 

Find out more about Tweetsville and plan your next visit to the Huntsville Botanical Garden here:

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