UA System will be returning to in-person classes and activities this fall

Shot of Denny Chimes on the UA campus. Photo via Carmen K. Sisson

Good news for spatial learners! The University of Alabama system has announced that all instruction, events and activities will be in-person for the fall of 2021. The statewide universities included in this amendment are: The University of Alabama, The University of Alabama at Birmingham and The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Keep reading to find out the scoop on The University of Alabama’s updated Covid-19 policy.

Photo Via Uab Medicine'S Facebook
Woman helping the community by receiving the vaccine. Photo via UAB Medicine’s Facebook

The UA System is confident in returning

The broad availability of the vaccine has seen for decreased numbers in COVID-19 cases. So, the UA system took this opportunity to bring students back to campus. After assessing data of vaccination rates and public health guidelines, the UA System Health and Safety Task Force made the decision to resume in-person activities. It will go into effect July 26, in which all members on the campuses must comply.

Vickers, Senior Vice President of Medicine and Dean of the School of Medicine, said that students that have been vaccinated and exposed do not have to quarantine while unvaccinated students have to get tested and quarantine with exposure. They do not have space for quarantined students, and they have to remain on campus. He said that there are incentives to being vaccinated, even if the state does not mandate it.

Wait, what about masks?

If you are not vaccinated, you will be asked to wear a mask. However, those vaccinated don’t need to wear a mask, but have the choice to continue to wear one. By Alabama state law, the UA System cannot mandate the vaccine, but they ask you to take the steps to get vaccinated. This will ensure maximum safety on campuses.

Worried about the delta variant? Studies have shown that vaccinated people are protected. UAB Scientists are keeping a close eye on trends and data, since they are seeing numbers continually rise in the state.

I would suspect that most of our students will return in-person activities that will look similar to 2019, except that I think that there will be individuals who probably might wear masks. We’re asking those who chose not to get vaccinated to wear a mask… There will be opportunities of vaccination stations around our campuses and testing that will be available.

Dr. Selwyn Vickers, Senior Vice President of Medicine and dean of the School of Medicine at UAB

Remember to protect our campus communities by getting your vaccine and following the guidelines set by the UA System. As information comes out about returns to campuses statewide, be sure to stay updated about your school’s announcements through social media and their individual websites.

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