UA’s University Club renovations now closer to completion—here’s the scoop

The University Of Alabama University Club
When complete, the University Club’s renovations will be stunning. (The University of Alabama)

If you’ve driven to Bryant-Denny Stadium this season, you’ve probably noticed some big renovations to a white building on the corner of University Boulevard and Queen City Avenue. That’s the University Club, currently undergoing renovations. Here’s the latest.

Details on the renovated University Club

Built in 1834, this historic building in rich in character. The goal of the major renovation project is to preserve that character while rejuvenating the space and expanding its hospitality capabilities.

A part of the University since 1944, the University Club has been a campus icon for decades. After its re-opening, set for May 2024, the elegant, newly-renovated site in the Pinehurst Historic District will host elegant dining and social gatherings for faculty, staff alumni and visitors.

But the University will also be using the gorgeous spot for an educational opportunity benefiting hospitality management students. To enhance their program of study, The University Club is partnering with Invited, the nation’s largest owner and operator of private membership clubs.

This partnership will enable students to work closely with staff at the club, learning through hands-on experience and gaining access to internships and employment opportunities within Invited’s programs.

The topping off ceremony at the University of Alabama

  • The University Of Alabama University Club
  • The University Of Alabama University Club
  • The University Of Alabama University Club

On Friday, November 3, The University Club hosted a topping out celebration, marking another step closer to the project’s completion.

“We’re bringing back to life The University Club.”

Stuart Bell, President, University of Alabama

“The space that’s being added to the club is going to allow to be able to create a modern approach to food and beverage and to membership here on campus for the University of Alabama family and the Tuscaloosa family.”

Bob Morse, President + Chief Operations Officer, Invited Clubs

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