Urban Engine successfully launches new Huntsville businesses—get the scoop

Toni Eberhart Urban Engine
Executive Director Toni Eberhart discussing Urban Engine. Photo via Urban Engine

Huntsville is growing quickly with new businesses coming every day. To understand its entrepreneurial ecosystem, we spoke with Executive Director Toni Eberhart from Urban Engine. Keep reading for the deets on startups in Huntsville.

Providing resources to startups

Urban Engine
Teamwork makes the dream work at Urban Engine! Photo via Urban Engine

Urban Engine is a nonprofit organization that works to boost the Huntsville and North Alabama economy, focusing on commercial technology startups. If you’re interested in launching a startup, Urban Engine is ready for you.

By linking aspiring entrepreneurs with seasoned business owners, Urban Engine provides the resources to get your business booming. This is a great chance to get network with individuals in the same boat as you or individuals who have had their businesses take off!

Getting connected with Urban Engine

Urban Engine Podcast
The Urban Engine podcast is a great resource. Photo via Urban Engine

In a COVID-free world, Urban Engine would host CoWorking Night, a free weekly mini-conference about all things tech. While they’re hoping to restart CoWorking Night soon, they have a podcast you can listen to in the meantime. Visit their website for the full speaker series schedule.

Success stories in Huntsville

Urban Engine
CommentSold is an Urban Engine success. Photo via Urban Engine

Urban Engine has been able to use its resources, programs and network to launch businesses forward. Four of their favorite businesses to watch grow are:

Urban Engine let us know that North Alabama is where you want to be:

“North Alabama is a phenomenal place to launch a startup. The community offers many resources to support those with aspirations of launching a business and there is so much opportunity to participate in our economy as it continues to grow.”

Toni Eberhart, Urban Engine

Organizations that help Urban Engine meet success

Urban Engine
Urban Engine focuses on technology-based companies. Photo via Urban Engine

Urban Engine noted seven organizations they work closely with to provide entrepreneurs and startups in Huntsville and North Alabama with the resources needed to grow their businesses.

Check out these organizations:

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