WATCH: Locals react to Saban’s retirement—”I was severely depressed”

Saban Statue
Saban Statue. (Grace Brindley / The Bama Buzz)

I’m sure your Facebook timeline and Instagram stories have been filled with friend’s reactions to Nick Saban’s retirement—but we’ve got some to add to the lineup. Across the state, we interviewed everyone from small business owners to University of Alabama students, and here’s what they said.

Huntsville, Auburn, Birmingham + Tuscaloosa reacts

Huntsville 🚀

“As an Auburn fan, I’m thrilled about Nick Saban retiring.”

Huntsville Auburn fan

Birmingham 🪄

“I was shocked by it…He kind of broke the internet.”

Birmingham local

“I think it’s going to help us [Auburn] out a little bit…and Bill Belichick might go to the Tide. You never know.”

Birmingham Auburn fan

Tuscaloosa 🐘

“I was severely depressed. I would tell him to come back.”

UA Student

“For my generation—I’m 21—these football teams were our childhood and responsible for some of the best memories a lot of us are ever going to have.”

UA Student

Auburn 🐅

BONUS: Our staff 👀

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