WATCH: Viral video of Black Bear swimming up on Destin beach [VIDEO]

Black Bears
Hannah Leeper with ADCNR and three cubbies (Hannah Leeper)

A young black bear was spotted swimming Sunday afternoon on the Florida Beaches in Destin, Florida, which is only about 60 miles from the Alabama/Florida state line.

Below is a video of the most infamous swim since Michael Phelps won his last gold medal. The video of the mischievous cubby was taken by Chris Barron from Brandon, Mississippi on Facebook.

What About Black Bears “Swimming” in Alabama?

Chances of seeing a Black Bear on the shores of Alabama is possible, according to Marianne Gauldin, Outreach Coordinator for the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division.

“Black bears can be found throughout the state of Alabama,” said Gauldin. “They could potentially be cited in any county. There are some areas of the state where they are more likely to be encountered but it’s not unusual or uncommon to see a black bear anywhere in Alabama especially this time of year, when the young males are roaming since they have no specific area that they call home or their own.”

And yes, they can swim!

Black bears are excellent swimmers,” added Gauldin. “It would not be unusual to see a black bear immersing itself in a body of water whether it’s to escape from the heat, biting flies, or to simply cross and traverse from one area to another.”

What Do You Do If You See a Black Bear on the Coast or Elsewhere? 

If you ever come in contact with a Black Bear – here are tips from the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources:

  • Do not run from the bear but back away slowly
  • Stand tall and upright
  • Avoid direct eye contact
  • Make sure the bear has a free direction to escape
  • Never purposely feed a bear

Also – the Alabama Coastal Foundation has released  some useful directions on what to do whenever you come in contact with wildlife on the coast, whether it is bears or sea turtles. Visit —

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