What you need to know about Alabama Humanities Alliance’s new $800,000 grant to nonprofits

Vulcan Park
Vulcan Park is one of the 83 nonprofits that received a grant. Photo via Alabama Humanities Alliance

Many businesses, especially nonprofits, have taken a hit during the pandemic. The Alabama Humanities Alliance, or AHA, is doing something to change that. Last week, the organization donated $800,000 to 83 nonprofits across Alabama.

What is the Alabama Humanities Alliance?

Alabama Humanities Alliance
The Alabama Humanities Alliance supports and promotes Alabama nonprofits. Photo via Alabama Humanities Alliance

The Birmingham-based organization strives to increase Alabamians’ involvement in the humanities, through grants and programs, including:

  • Exhibitions
  • Films
  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Workshops

Alabama Humanities Recovery Grant

Alabama Humanities Recovery Grants
With 83 grants, AHA is helping essential Alabama nonprofits. Photo via Alabama Humanities Alliance

The Alabama Humanities Recovery Grant is AHA’s most recent initiative to help out the nonprofits it believes are enriching and preserving the culture of Alabama. Uses for the grant include:

  • Capacity-building efforts
  • Humanities programming
  • Operational and marketing expenses
  • Staff salaries

Grants offer aid during the pandemic

Many nonprofits need help due to a decrease in donations during the pandemic. AHA is stepping up to help these nonprofits that share the culture and history of Alabama and to help the state’s economy.

“Robust cultural organizations make Alabama a richer, smarter and more vibrant place to live and learn.

These grants will sustain the humanities in our communities and contribute to the state’s economic recovery in the months ahead.”

Chuck Holmes, Executive Director, Alabama Humanities Alliance

Who received grants?

16Th Street Baptist Church
Birmingham 16th Street Baptist Church is an essential reminder of the Civil Rights Movement. Photo via Alabama Humanities Alliance

These grants supply support to many of Alabama’s most cherished cultural landmarks and community resources. These organizations include historic sites, libraries, museums, civic engagement organizations and more. The grants awarded to each nonprofit varied from $5,000 to $15,000. Some recipients include: 

These grants will help Alabama nonprofits explore new ventures and add new employees. Keep an eye on AHA’s Facebook and Instagram to learn more about these nonprofits and their programs.

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