Whidden College of Medicine welcomes the biggest class yet

Possible Cover Photo Medical School, Whiddon College
We have big news about this university in Mobile. (University of South Alabama)

Let’s give it up to the future of Alabama medicine! The Whiddon College of Medicine just welcomed their 2026 students and with 80 members, it’s their biggest class of students to date. Keep reading to learn more.

What is the Whidden College of Medicine?

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Talk about an amazing class. (University of South Alabama)

The Frederick P. Whiddon College of Medicine is part of the University of South Alabama and is named after the university’s legendary founder and former president Dr. Frederick Palmer Whiddon. The school offers both the traditional MD program and a PhD that focuses on basic medical science. The Whiddon College of Medicine also offers many research opportunities for post-doctoral fellows in areas, such as cancer research and gene editing.

A bright future for medicine in Alabama

As one of the A+ medical schools in our state, Whiddon’s largest ever freshman class is amazing news for the institution and the future of medicine in Alabama. We can’t wait to see what these students will accomplish.

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