Why HopHounds is about to be your dog’s new favorite Mobile bar

Hophounds Outside
People & pups alike enjoying the playground! Photo via HopHounds website.

Now, you may find yourself asking, “How could my dog even have a favorite bar?” Well, when was the last time you went to a bar tailored towards your fluffy best friend? Let’s take a look at HopHounds, Mobile’s own brew pub & dog park over in the Church Street East Historic District.

The backstory

Playground @ Hop Hounds
Just look at all the fun you and your dog can have! Photo via HopHounds website.

We had been looking at a bunch of places in the area because we wanted to be where the fun was, and that’s downtown Mobile.

Maegan Ivy Harris, Co-Owner of HopHounds

HopHounds opened in mid-2020 as BrewHounds, but after a re-brand in September of that year it became the HopHounds we all know & love. It’s a place for dogs, dog-owners, and dog-lovers alike to grab a drink, socialize, and have a ton of fun! Plus, it’s a family business, and spending money just feels better when it goes back to your community.

Originally, they could only serve canned beers and wines, but House Bill 235 allowed for draft beer to be served in the dog park itself, and a food truck just outside the off-leash area.

The best part? You don’t need your own dog to visit! You can just go grab a drink and hang out with your fellow dog-lovers.

Take your best friend out on the town with you!

Dogs At Hophounds
A very important conversation. Photo via HopHounds website.

Of course, the highlight of HopHounds is all the dogs, everywhere you look! What makes HopHounds special, though, is just how catered to dogs it is. There’s a few different areas: inside the building, the deck, and the playground. Inside the building and the deck are where you’ll find most of your food and libations.

The highlight is the playground, an 8,000 sq. ft. off-leash area where dogs can run, jump, and be free with their K9 buddies. Plus, you can have your drinks right on the terf of the dog park, so you’re never too far from your furry friend.

My dog’s favorite part is all the socializing. She just loves people and how many belly-rubs she can get from everyone out there.

Maegan Ivy Harris, Co-Owner of HopHounds

We can’t forget to mention the dog wash station either! If your dog likes to play in the mud or roll in the dirt, you can always stop by the private self-wash station on your way out to get your pup fresh & clean. Remember to bring your own shampoo or to buy some from HopHounds. Towels are always provided.

Food & drink

HopHounds didn’t skimp out on the fun for us two-legged friends, either. They’ve got over 50 craft beers, a huge selection of wine, and beer on draft. Plus, on Thursday through Sunday Sticks & Stacks, a local food truck, visits. They serve up burgers, hot dogs, and other fun snacks. Tuesdays are also trivia and taco night, if that’s your jam.


Hophounds Dogs Playing In Ice
Come chill at HopHounds! Photo via HopHounds website.

For everyone’s safety and fun, there’s a few rules at HopHounds:

  • All dogs need to be up-to-date on vaccinations and over 4 months old.
  • Adult dogs must be fixed to enter the playground. Any adult dog who is not fixed can be inside or on the deck. Dogs in heat are not allowed.
  • Leashes are required everywhere except the playground, where they are prohibited.
  • Rough play is allowed so long as both dogs are playing. Mounting or excessive barking are discouraged.
  • Members must hold on to their leash and dogs should only have flat-buckle collars.
  • You cannot leave the property without your dog.
  • Clean up after your animals.
  • No smoking or vaping. Food and treats not allowed on the playground.
  • Only members or day-pass holders & their guests can be in the playground.
  • No one under 18 permitted without adult supervision, no one under 16 in the playground.


People Enjoying Snacks &Amp; Beer At Hophounds
Cheers to dog parks with good food! Photo via HopHounds website.

A day-pass for HopHounds $10 per dog, per day (don’t forget your vaccination records!). But, if your pup loves it enough that you’ll become weekly customers, check out their membership packages on their website–they’ve got a three-month pass and a year-long pass, each coming with their own perks and discounts for multi-dog households. Check out those membership plans here.

Plan your HopHounds visit

  • Address: 806 Monroe Street, Mobile, AL, 36602
  • Contact: 251-477-2697 | Website | Facebook | Menu
  • Hours: Closed Monday; Tues-Thurs 4 pm — 9 pm; Friday 4 pm — 10 pm; Saturday 11 am — 10 pm; Sunday 11 am — 9 pm
  • Reminder: Day passes are $10 for non-members, and you need current vaccination records to let your dog inside.

What’s your dog’s favorite thing about HopHounds? Tag us @thebamabuzz & let us know!

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