Women’s history in the making: Flo Milli is the new artist to keep an eye out for

Flo Milli Sits In A Chair Wearing All White. She'S Looking At The Camera.
Photo of Mobile rapper Flo Milli. Via facebook.com/FloMilliOfficial

This Women’s History Month, Mobile gets to celebrate one of their own rising stars, rapper Flo Milli. As the first breakout female rapper from Mobile, Flo Milli was featured in a mini-documentary series entitled RADAR, produced by Spotify. The five-minute video serves as an introduction to the Mobile native. Watch it here.

The documentary was released in late January to coincide with Flo Milli’s latest track, “Roaring 20’s.” In it, Flo Milli talks about her journey from the small town of Mobile to going viral on the social media app, TikTok in 2019.

Flo Milli has been rising in popularity since her singles, “Beef FloMix” and “In the Party” went viral, garnering the rapper tons of attention on social media. Her music is known for its “prissy” vibe and assertive lyrics, as Flo Milli raps about being from small-town Alabama and chasing her dreams above all else. Her debut album, “Ho, why is you here?” was released in July of 2020, much to the joy of rap fans.

Growing up in Mobile was not easy for Flo Milli, who was raised by a single mother in what she referred to as “poverty.” She always knew, however, that she was destined to be more. She started rap groups with her friends as young as age 11 and made her music in the back of an AMC movie theatre in Mobile.

“Living in poverty and stuff it definitely taught me a lot. It taught me to, like, work harder than normal people.”

Flo Milli on growing up in Mobile in her RADAR mini-doc, produced by Spotify

The interview features the influential women in Flo Milli’s life: her mother, aunt, and grandmother. Milli kept her rapping career from her family at first, worried that the strong language and stories from her past would make her family push her to stop her craft.

In the documentary, she recounts the hilarious story of her first performance in Atlanta at only 16. Despite booking a show, she had not told her family. She ended up doing so and her family’s introduction to her career was taking her up to Atlanta for show.

In spite of what she referred to as a rough upbringing in Mobile, Flo Milli remains proud of her roots. She knew she was destined to do something more than stay in Mobile, but being the first female rapper out of Mobile is incredibly important to her, as is being a good role model.

“I get DMs all the time and girls are like ‘You just need to know, it’s a dark-skinned girl out there somewhere that, like, needs you.'”

Flo Milli in her RADAR mini-doc, produced by Spotify

Her family is quick to correct her that representation is not the only thing Flo Milli has to offer as a role model, bringing up her academic success. Flo Milli graduated with honors and this, according to her aunt, is a part of what makes her so special.

“You are a strong role model for young women, and [your academic career] promotes good grades.

Tina Copeland, Flo Milli’a Aunt, in RADAR mini-doc, produced by Spotify.

Flo Milli is not slowing down any time soon. At only 21-years-old, she is reinventing the wheel for female rappers day after day.

Keep your eye out for more of Mobile’s “Princess of Hip-Hop” as Flo Milli continues making beats and breaking glass ceilings.

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