WOW: City of Prattville unveils new remote-operated robotic slope mower [VIDEO]

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A new way to landscape in Prattville. (City of Prattville)

Gone are the days when landscapers had to maneuver difficult terrains and steep slopes on their own. The City of Prattville’s Urban Management Division has introduced a brand-new, remote-operated robotic slope mower to help keep landscaping crews safe. Read on for details.

A game-changing addition

Purchased in March 2022, the innovative slope mower not only enhances the safety and productivity of landscaping crews, but can complete landscaping jobs in half the time.

Landscaping crews are integral to maintaining rights-of-way-retention ponds, drainage ditches, creek banks and more in Prattville. In the past, they’ve faced challenges with steep embankments and extreme landscapes. While these jobs would previously take 8-10 people several days to cut the creek banks, now, the remote-controlled mower will help one person complete the job in less than two days.

A safer alternative

The statement from the City of Prattville says that the Public Works Department is always striving for ways to create a more efficient and safer work environment.

The addition of this mower allows for an all-around improvement in efficiency, functionality and, especially, safety. Plus, crews can tackle more tasks in any weather condition.

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