Where to shop fair trade in Alabama + what it is

Free Trade Shops In Alabama
Discover all of the unique items you can get that are also free trade in Alabama. Photo via Sojourns Fair Trade

If you want to buy more ethically and sustainably, fair trade shops are the way to go. Curious on where to shop fair trade in Alabama? We’ve got you covered with a guide to every shop around.

What is fair trade?

The idea behind fair trade is that products are being made ethically and the producers of the products are being paid fairly for their efforts.

Fair trade companies must abide by stringent rules in order to qualify and obtain certification through certain organizations, such as the Fair Trade FederationFair Trade USA and Fairtrade America.

Now, on to where to find fair trade shops and items in Alabama

1. Kanzi

Fair Trade In Alabama
The outside of the Kanzi, a new place to shop fair trade in Alabama. Photo via Bham Now

Kanzi is Birmingham’s newest fair trade store. They sell handmade, fair trade goods from Africa and work with artisan groups in Uganda, who are paid fair trade wages.

You can find a variety of items here, including jewelry, ornaments, art, bags, children’s toys and more. If you don’t have the chance to go to their store, their products are available on Amazon, Etsy and their website.

2. Sojourns Fair Trade

Fair Trade Shops In Alabama
Look at all these cute items. Photo via Sojourns Fair Trade Facebook

Sojourns was the first store to exclusively sell fair trade goods in Alabama when it opened over a decade ago. They carry items from all over the world, and every product comes from an artisan who has been paid a fair trade wage and is working in safe conditions.

They partner with 400 artisan cooperatives in 60 countries, and 60 percent of these cooperatives are made up of women. Bonus: Sojourns gives 10 percent of profits back to charities in the local community–we think that’s pretty cool!

You can also find some of Sojourns’ products at Wild Roast CafĂ© in Bluff Park.

3. Trade-Fair Marketplace

Fair Trade In Alabama
Shop fair trade in Alabama like at this Huntsville spot. Photo via Fair-Trade Marketplace

Trade-Fair Marketplace in Huntsville is the first and only nonprofit fair trade store in Alabama. This store sells unique items from more than 30 developing nations worldwide. You can see the culture behind each piece here as the creators use natural materials that reflect the country it was made in.

They give all profits back to organizations that share their vision to end poverty and promote economic progress in less developed countries. So far, they have donated $250,000 to 40 organizations, including Bead for Life, Living Waters, Dining for Women and Ghana Relief.

4. Sozo Trading Co.

Fair Trade In Alabama
Shop sustainable at Sozo Trading Co. Photo via Sozo Trading Co

Sozo Trading Co. is an upscale thrift store in Birmingham that donates its profits to Sozo Children, a non-profit ministry caring for vulnerable children in Uganda, Africa.

This store has a section both in store and online that sells fair-trade global goods like spoons, bowls and soaps.

What are your fave stores selling fair trade items? Let us know if we missed any by tagging us @thebamabuzz

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