3 exciting reasons to attend this year’s Renaissance Faire in Florence, Oct. 23-24

Renaissance Faire
A sneak-peek of the fun and busy Renaissance Faire. Photo via Visit Florence AL

We’ve got some exciting news—The Renaissance Faire in Florence is BACK! Here are three reasons you won’t want to miss the popular event, October 23-24.

Did you know Florence is Alabama’s “Renaissance City?” Yep, it’s true. With a local Renaissance Faire that draws in up to 40,000 attendees each fall, it makes sense.

What’s the Faire all about? The Renaissance period, of course. A time when literature, art, math, music and more were revived.

1. You could be a contest winner

Art From A Contestant At The Faire
Art from Brandt Jacobs, a 2019 Renaissance Faire art contest winner. Photo via Alabama Renaissance Faire

The Renaissance Faire has great opportunities for those wanting to show off their skills and talent to the crowd. Some of the contests held annually include:

  • Art Contest for student’s grades K-6
  • Sonnet Contest for Junior & Senior High school
  • Poster Entry Contest- the winning Renaissance Faire design poster will win $500

Although contest entry deadlines have ended, there’s still a chance for you to become a 2021 Renaissance Faire contest star.

2. You’ll be amazed by the talented performers

The Zholdak Kozaky performers. Photo via Alabama Renaissance Faire

What’s a festival without good music and dancing? Here’s a list of featured performers you can expect to see at the event Saturday-Sunday, October 23-24:

  • Menagerie- A musical duo
  • The Rainbow Dancers Continuously performing dance troupe at the Renaissance Faire
  • The Zholdak Kozaky— Live-steel, living history re-enactment group, whose shows revolve around life in a 17th century mercenary camp
  • And more!

3. You have the chance to show off a unique costume

A Queen And King
Can you believe she hand-made her dress?! Impressive. Photo via Alabama Renaissance Faire

You’ll feel like Halloween came early when you stroll through the park and discover the incredible costumes being worn. You can expect to see a variety, including wizards, trolls, fairies & more.

How To Attend

Alrenfaire Poster
This year’s Renaissance Faire poster design. Photo via The Alabama Renaissance Faire

Are you ready to attend one of the top events in the Southeast this October?

If you’ve attended the Renaissance Faire, what was your favorite experience? Let us know @thebamabuzz.

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