3 Exciting Reasons You Should Attend First Fridays in Florence

Table Booth Set Up In Downtow Florence.
So many yummy treats! Photo Via First Fridays Florence Facebook.

Friday might have already been your favorite day of the week, but First Fridays are sure to bring a whole new level of excitement to Florence. The fun-filled night brings entertainment, art, music and an overall good time to the city during the First Friday of each month. If you’re looking to let loose after a long work day and celebrate the upcoming weekend, then this is the place to be! We’ve made a list of 3 reasons you cannot miss First Fridays in Florence.

1. You’ll Get to Dance to the Beat of Good Music

Hip Hocket Band Performing In Downto Florence
Hip Pocket Band in 2019 performing during First Fridays in Downtown Florence Photo Via SCNOW

Did somebody say music?! Yes, and the First Friday events bring lots of it. Various bands and musicians get to share their talent with the huge crowd in attendance, and they’re sure to bring out some of your best dance moves.

Here’s a couple of bands and artists that have stepped to the stage in previous First Fridays:

First Fridays are an excellent time to highlight songwriters and bands looking to showcase their talent, and it’s an even better time for local Florence musicians to get their name out there.

2. You Can Shop ’til You Drop

Artwork Being Sold On The Streets.
Which cow painting would you take home with you? Photo Via VisitFlorenceAl.com.

If you’re a shopaholic, or a lover of all things art, you’ll love this part. Trust us. Every few steps you take, you’ll pass by local artists and shop owners who have their uniquely crafted pieces and artwork displayed. Some items you’d find for sale could be anything from hand-made jewelry, to cool, trendy apparel, or even painted pottery. So, ditch the department stores — First Fridays have all the hidden treasures.

3. You’ll Connect with & Celebrate Your Community

Community At First Fridays In Florence
Smile! Photo Via First Fridays Florence Facebook page.

There’s never been a better time to connect with the city around you. First Fridays in Florence make that possible, and it’s a truly heartening experience. You’ll see family, friends, couples and coworkers having a joyous time walking the streets of Downtown Florence. Attending First Fridays can bring you a feeling of connectedness, and in Florence that’s a feeling you’ll often get with the tight-knit community.

If this was enough to convince you that First Fridays are exceptionally exciting, then you’re in luck. This Friday, August 6th brings in First Friday of the month for Florence. It only comes once a month (March-December), so catch it while you can. The festivities run from 5-8pm; However, some bars and restaurants may stay open later than their usual time for the most lively Friday of the month. It’s free to attend, so just bring yourself and some friends, and you’re set for a great night out!

What’s the most exciting part about First Fridays to you? Let us know @thebamabuzz.

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