3 Montgomery coffee shops to try now + drink recommendations

We’ve got a latte love for these Montgomery coffee shops. Photo via Prevail Coffee

Whether you like it iced, hot, extra sweet or classic, coffee is one of those drinks almost everyone includes in their daily routine. We want you to start your day with something special, so ditch the coffee pot and try our picks for the three best coffee shops in Montgomery.

1. Prevail Coffee

Montgomery Coffee Shops
Get roasty toasty with a cup of coffee at Prevail. Photo via Prevail Coffee

Prevail Union was born in Atlanta, but after much success and national acclaim they brought their craft coffee to Alabama with a new location in Montgomery. Try seasonal drinks like their Wildflower Latte with homemade wildflower syrup or the Alabama Stinger featuring up to four shots of espresso. Can you say caffeine buzz?

They’ve been named the best of the best by Food & Wine and the New York Times, but I suggest checking for yourself how good this coffee actually is.

Barista’s drink of choice: HVR Latte—this honey vanilla raspberry latte merges its flavors perfectly with their unique house-made syrup. It also pairs wonderfully with the coffee’s fruit-forward flavors.

Owner’s drink of choice: Black coffee—Prevail is so particular about the cultivation, harvest and roasting of their beans that it creates a unique, signature black coffee. Owner Wade Preston says drinking the result of all the hard work, expertise and passion that goes into their coffee is a transcendent experience for him.

2. Vintage Café

Montgomery Coffee Shops
Craving caffeine at one of these Montgomery coffee shops? Grab a cup at Vintage Café. Photo via Vintage Café

Welcome to Vintage Café, a cozy little neighborhood spot serving specialty coffee, tea, fresh juices, smoothies and variety of tasty food options. They offer indoor, outdoor seating and a drive-thru window, so you can enjoy your coffee on the go or sit and stay a while.

For all you sweet coffee lovers consider a latte with flavors like honey, caramel and peppermint. Or opt for cold brew, cappuccino or Chai tea latte.

Vintage Café also serves delicious cocktails, so enjoy one of their boozy coffee drinks like the Espresso Martini.

Chef’s drink of choice: The Cloverdale Coffee—Named after the charming Cloverdale neighborhood and roasted in Montgomery, this medium roast coffee contains flavors of dark chocolate, spiced orange and pecan. Don’t bother looking elsewhere for this house blend—made in partnership with Prevail, it’s solely found at Vintage Café.

3. Café Louisa

Find your perfect blend. Photo via Café Louisa

We all need a little splurge every now and again, right? My suggestion Café Louisa—the perfect place to grab a cup of joe and a sweet treat. Tip: the gelato goes great with the house brew from Prevail or blended right into the coffee itself.

The blended coffees here are on another level with items like their Frozen French Love Affair made with vanilla gelato, cold brew and hazelnut syrup.

Owner’s Drink of Choice: A triple shot “shaken” with brown sugar syrup topped off with oat milk and cinnamon.

Where’s your favorite place to get your caffeine fix in Montgomery? Let us know by tagging us @thebamabuzz.

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