3 must-try spots for breakfast in Florence + their best dishes

Big Bad Breakfast French Toast!
Yum. Golden French Toast with fresh strawberries from Big Bad Breakfast! Photo via Alabama Travel.

In the mood for breakfast food? Great! You’ve clicked on the right article. Below, we’ve put together a list of 3 must-try spots in Florence that serve some delicious breakfast, plus their best menu item so you’ll know exactly what to try.

1.) Big Bad Breakfast

Big Bad Breakfast
Big Bad Breakfast, which sits right inside The Striklin Hotel. Photo via Daeja Coleman for The Bama Buzz.

Big Bad Breakfast is a spot known to give respect to “the most important meal of the day,” breakfast. Founded by Chef John Currence, Big Bad Breakfast brings classic, southern meals to Florence with juicy, tender meats, fresh cocktails and soft, hot biscuits.

“More than anything, I wanted to recapture the flavors of my childhood memory.”

—Chef John Currence

Along with having delicious food, they’ve also been rated as the #1 Best Breakfast in the Shoals! So, what dish put them on the top of the list? Well, everything, but according to chefs that prepare the dishes, they’d say they whip up tons of orders of skillets, which include anything from egg to vegetables!

2.) Rivertown Coffee

Rivertown Coffee In Downtown Florence
Rivertown Coffee in Downtown Florence. Photo Via Daeja Coleman for The Bama Buzz.

Although Rivertown stays open late nights for dinner, they have a special breakfast/lunch menu that include foods that’ll make your mouth water. Their most popular items are their fresh brewed coffee and teas, but don’t miss their delicious breakfast wraps! Pair it with their gourmet drip coffee or a fresh fruit smoothie, and you’ve got a 5-star breakfast meal.

3.) The Artsy and Coffee Place

The Artsy And Coffee Place
Such a cute drive-thru themed business! Photo Via Daeja Coleman for The Bama Buzz.

Coffee and art? Why not! This pink painted spot is a two-in-one. They hold art classes, but also have a convenient drive-thru for some good coffee on the go, especially for hectic mornings. Their menu consists of coffee, tea, frappes and sweet baked goods such as cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, muffins, bagels and more.

They’re known for their delicious drinks, and they’re all fan favorites. However, their birthday cake flavored coffee/frappé is a must-try. It’s seasonal, so don’t wait too long!

What’s one of your favorite spots in Florence to grab some tasty breakfast? Let us know @thebamabuzz!

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