3 new businesses in Opelika to check out now, including Black-owned coffee shop Melanin Café

Melanin Cafe
Serving up coffee with culture. (Melanin Café / Facebok)

Whether it be food, arts and culture or entertainment, Opelika is a special place that continues to rapidly grow. We’re highlighting three businesses in the historic city to check out now.

1. Melanin Café

Melanin Café made its debut in the fall and continues to thrive in the city of Opelika. The café celebrates Black History year-round through unique drink options, creating an atmosphere “where coffee meets culture.”

Jay and Catrice Hixson created Melanin Café as an all-inclusive space to educate the whole community. Each drink contains a splash of rich history, highlighting influential people or events, such as the “Check Up,” representing Opelika’s first Black doctor, J.W Darden.

2. Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl Cookies
The cookie has crumbled. (Maggie Dazzio / Bama Buzz)

We’ve been waiting for this one. Alabama officially has five Crumbl Cookies locations. The unique cookie shop has swept the nation and rapidly grown since its start in 2017. From its virality on TikTok to becoming one of the biggest companies in the nation, learn all about how Crumbl got its start here.

3. Maffia’s Italian

You heard it here first, folks. Formerly Ma Fia’s, the notable Italian restaurant on historic Railroad Avenue is back in business with brand new owners. Debuting a Sicilian-inspired menu, the new owners are bringing their authentic Italian roots to the city of Opelika.

We’re all about supporting local and learning more about our communities in Alabama. Check out these businesses to experience the beauty that is Opelika.

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