4 University of Alabama themed cocktails you need to try

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Drinks up! (Madison Paladino / The Bama Buzz)

Drinks up Tuscaloosa, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Now that the Alabama football season has finally begun, we are kicking it off with a list of four University of Alabama themed cocktails here in Tuscaloosa. Read on to find out about what delicious drinks T-town has to offer.

1. Gallettes’s “Yellow Hammer”

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4 University of Alabama themed cocktails you need to try 1

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer (Madison Paladino / The Bama Buzz)

Let’s start off with a classic game day favorite, the Gallette’s Yellow Hammer. This tailgate star is a must-have, with vodka, white rum, amaretto, orange juice and pineapple juice. Gallette’s’ has been serving this delicious drink since 1976. Walking around Tuscaloosa on game day, there is no doubt you will be seeing these classic yellow tumblers.

2. Sage’s “Crimson Cosmo”

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It’s 5 o’clock somewhere (Sage Juice Bar and Speakeasy / Instagram)

If you’re looking for delicious cocktails, a fun ambiance and a fancier game day twist, this is the place for you. Sage Juice Bar and Speakeasy sells cold pressed juice and tasty food during the day and then turns into a speakeasy at night. The cocktail pictured above is their “Crimson Cosmo”. This tasty drink is a made from scratch Cosmopolitan with top shelf ingredients. An added plus is they offer it half off every Alabama game day.

3. Buffalo Phil’s “Bama Breeze”

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Cool off with this tasty drink (Buffalo Phils / Instagram)

Fruity, refreshing and sweet sounds like the perfect drink combination for a hot day. Buffalo Phils serves up just that with their “Bama Breeze” specialty cocktail. With grapefruit vodka, coconut rum, lime juice, cranberry juice and a splash of simple syrup you’re in for a tropical treat. Buffalo Phils has a prime location, located directly on the strip, with a patio that offers a great view of what’s happening in Tuscaloosa.

4. Alcove’s “Saban Shot” and “Tide Tea”

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Alcove Tavern‘s “Saban Shot” in Tuscaloosa

Alcove International Tavern is best described as an upscale neighborhood bar. This bar off the beaten path is a place for people that want a chiller atmosphere. With the “Saban shot” and their “Tide Tea” it’s clear that they are all about Alabama football. The shot is an oatmeal cookie shot sold for $5 and their “tea” is 2oz of Firefly sweet tea vodka, Country Time lemonade and then garnished with a slice of lemon and fresh mint. This drink is a must-try for Arnold Palmer lovers.

In addition, they have the biggest beer selection, quickly gaining rapport for their quality and quantity.

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